Apostles of Sin

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1. Apostles of Sin
Army Name Race Game System Points
Apostles of Sin Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 991
» Apostles of Sin
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1. Chaos Lord
-Terminator Armor, Twin-Linked Bolter
-Deamon Weapon
total: 145 pts


1. Chaos Space Marines
-9x CSM: melta gun, flamethrower, Icon of Khorne
-1x Aspiring Champion: Power Weapon, Fusion Bombs
-Rhino: Havoc Turret
total: 285 pts

2. Plague Marines
-6x PM: Personnal Icon, 2x melta gun
-1x Aspiring Champion: Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Twin-Linked Bolters, Fusion Bombs
-Rhino: Havoc Turret
total: 291 pts

Heavy Support
1. Chaos Space Marines Havoc
-4x CSM Havoc: Icon of Chaos Undivided, 1x Laser Canon, 3x Melta gun
-1x Aspiring Champion: Twin-Linked Bolters, Plasma Pistol, Fusion Bombs
-Rhino: Extra Armour, Havoc Turret
total: 270 pts
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10/15/2011 07:28
Nice list, pictures?
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