Emperor's Children Noise Marine Army

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Emperor's Children Noise Marine Army Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 5000
» Emperor's Children Noise Marine Army
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This was my second army I ever had. It represents my first attempt at painting and so is very newby looking. I eventually sold the army and will be rebuilding it one day. Except, I'm going all out on the building and painting and will make it look as nice as I can as a Heresy era Emperor's Children army. The last pic is of the test model I created for the new army.

Emperor's Children Chaos Lord
Emperor's Children Chaos Lord (converted)
Lucius the Eternal
Daemon Prince
Summoned Greater Daemon - She Who Drinks
Summoned Greater Daemon - The big snake with boobs
Summoned Greater Daemon - Lord of Change
Doomrider - Hell's angels leader
Chaos Sorceror Terminator

Slaanesh Cult Terminators - LC's
Chosen Terminators - Sonic weaponry (converted)
Possessed w/ Rhino

Noise Marines with sonic weaponry w/rhino
Noise Marines with sonic weaponry w/rhino
Noise Marines with sonic weaponry w/rhino
Summoned Daemonettes
Summoned Daemonettes

Various Chaos Spawn models
Hell's angels biker gang

Predator - TL lascannon, lascannons
Predator - Autocannon, lascannons
Noice Marine Havocs - sonic weaponry w/rhino

Dreadnought - pink horror conversion
Dreadnought - Emperor's Children Sonic weaponry
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Mossy Toes's Avatar
01/08/2012 18:09
I like the new color scheme. And damn, I miss those old daemonette models. So much better than these new androgy-freaks. The amazonian Daemon Prince(ss) is also amusing to see.
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