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Citeh Citeh Bang Bang Salamandarians Salamanders Warhammer 40k 5000
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The menu from which I can chose my army is the following
60 standrard tactical + for added options :-
6 flamers
12 missile launchers

10 sniper scouts

21 Devastators :-
6 Lascannons
6 Multimelters
6 Plasma Cannons
6 Heavy bolters

20 Assault Terminators
16 Hammers
4 Lightning Claws

10 Terminators with whole variety of shootyness

Iron Clad Dread

Standard Dread

1 Land Raider Redeemer

1 Land Raider Crusader

1 Speeder Storm

1 Standard Speeder

10 Assault squad (under refurb)

8 Sergeants mixed array of weaponry.

Awaiting Fine cast Vulkan as i hate metal miniatures.
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08/11/2011 16:42
ahh thanka pal, appreciated. was worried they all looked crap. it's all work in progress and will get round to refining them all moire pis will be added in the next few days
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08/11/2011 09:08
Very nice weathering on the Land Raider and nice job on the scout camo cloak. It might be just the camera flash on the green, but it looks like the dreadnought could stand some deeper shadows and higher highlights to make it really pop. Great army so far.
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