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» Til'cora Sept
The planet my race inhabit lies just outside the southern fringe of the Tau Empire. The planet is known as Til'cora, a harsh world scarred with craters, deserts and black lakes.
Golden in appearance, accompanied with the black marks of the lakes and oceans are the inspirations for the Til'coran Sept armour colours and markings. The planet is not near any major suns throughout its natural cycle, therefore most of the planet year (six hundred and fourteen Terra days) is spent in the darkness of night. The daylight once near their natural sun lasts only one hundred and twelve days.

Their natural inhabitants are in fact kroot, and were openly accepted to allow the Tau to set up their base of operates, and transform it into a colony. the Kroot inhabitants are ever loyal to the Tau for the rescue from Ork pirates and constant threats from the tendrils of hive fleet colossus.
» Army Details
This Tau army, and all details therein are completely made up by me. Background, history, planet and names, are all made up by me.
I like the feel of running an army not following someone elses creations. Therefore, the colour scheme is also my own creation. enjoy. .
» History/Fluff
The Til'coran Sept are very rarely known from any race engaging with the main body of the Tau, but nonetheless, are still highly connected with the rest of the empire. Known for their highly aggressive tactics in combat, they are known only by their uncanny ability to lay total waste to any opponent foolish enough to challenge their might in war.

Defending the southern boarder of the empire completely on their own, they hold off threatening invaders from Ork hordes, Tyranids from hive fleet Colossus, Eldar pirates, and in some cases, interference's from nearby Space Marines from Ultramar, home of the Ultramarine's.

Their undeniably powerful force is often underestimated, and many a foe have paid dearly for their mistake. Wielding weapons of immense strength and power, they continue to guard the southern sector of their races fledgling empire.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
The black and gold colors are very similar to the colours taken by the planets natural colouring. The pure gold of the deserts, the dark, black richness of the lakes and oceans, and constant scarring from Ork crafts, these all form the colouring.

Black is the major colour of the fire warrior main armour, while their team leaders bear golden armour, and no shoulder pad. The Crisis and Broadside battlesuits dominated with the shining heraldic gold, with marks of black is a sight to admire. Stealth suits are half gold, half black, but are still capable of the camouflage effect, and the tanks and craft shine the golden mix with electric blue pulsing through their 'bodies'.
» Commanders and Ethereals
Some very famous Commanders reside from this unknown world, the most famous being O'Shaverron, or the Midnight Sun, full name is unknown to most. Earning his name through the countless wars against hive fleet Colossus through the near pitch black darkness of night, and emerging victorious with barely any casualties.

Trained under the famous Commander Puretide, he is well respected as a consequence, and is always found in grueling wars engaging the vicious super-predators of hive fleet colossus, which are slowly becoming a greater threat than what is being noticed, having once needed to call upon assistance from the Ultramarine's in one case.

The Til'coran Sept is ruled by many Ethereals, but the head of all i his majesty, Aun'el Shi Ores, who was responsible for the creation of this majestic empire built on this world, and continues to rule with undivided devotion from his planets defenders.
» a final note
to all those who took the time to read this, i thank you. feel free to leave a personal note, comment, and please, any tips or advice on my story, colour scheme, or my army, please do so. id be happy to respond, and answer any question you throw at me.
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05/16/2012 02:16
thank you... and thanks to some inspiration (ultramarines movie), i am now underway for the continuation of my painting... thank you all for the comments, and to archaon18, thank you, am changing to terra now
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Darkrider's Avatar
05/15/2012 03:11
Sweet fluff.
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Archaon18's Avatar
05/11/2012 14:43
Just an accurate, incredibly not-picky wargamer comment, it should be Terran days, not earth but otherwise, great army
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Arcanum Crozioum's Avatar
05/06/2012 15:56
My source is from Kingdom of Heaven and BT SM armies... You could always find the source of what caused you to paint them this way and move on from there.
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05/06/2012 09:16
haha, thank you AC. these pics were taken months ago... near a year... i have improved my painting much more since then... just havent gotten round to posting them... I NEED A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION!!!!! without it, i got no drive to paint or post... any idea's people?
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Arcanum Crozioum's Avatar
05/02/2012 01:11
I like the gold, black, and blue color scheme. very nice mix up. almost has a... Gundam Seed sort of feel. haha. Very nicely done! All i can say in way of advice is like Day2Dan... Just highlight the black and i'd dare to say it'd be perfect or darned near to.
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04/01/2012 10:35
thanks SC... ive done alot more since then, but i havent gotten round to posting them up... i have also gotten round to my creative model.... anyway, any fluff or painting advice, is massively encouraged... thank you!!!
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SavageConvoy's Avatar
03/19/2012 21:31
Huh. Nice color scheme. I'm glad to see another Tau player having fun with metallics.
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11/21/2011 13:46
thank you. i wanted a kind of golden, heraldy kind of feature. shiny and the like. im also making up my own creatios from spare pieces. when they are painted, i will post thwem. tell me wat you think. cheers for the posts guys
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11/02/2011 04:03
Looks like you use a lot of the same shade of the colors. Scheme is really cool, but maybe try building up some layers of colors and making use of washes and highlighting edges to give the colors more realistic tones. Good work so far!
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jaysen's Avatar
10/21/2011 09:50
Golden Tau. I've never seen a tau army like this. Looks nice.
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