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1. Talassar Angels
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Talassar Angels Space Marines Warhammer 40k 1510
» Talassar Angels
The Talassar angels were an experimental chapter created recently by the finest artificers that the Ultramarines chapter has to offer.
Their first triumph was to defeat another tendril of hive fleet Behemoth that was threatening the eastern fringes of the Imperium.
One particular marine, Captain Sirius Fabian of the 3rd company managed to defeat the tendril's carnifex in mortal combat. He was given the iron halo and a purity seal.
Marneus Calgar, hearing of the captain's great victory, personally crafted him an auxillery grenade launcher.
» Army Details
Home Planet: Talassar(Ocean world-8th planet of the Ultramar system)
Shares the gene-seed of the Ultramarines
Focuses on:
Fast Attack
The best way to use this force is to use deep strike so that you have the element of suprise
» History/Fluff
After the battle against hive fleet Behemoth, the eldar of the Ulthwe craftworld decided to strike while the chapter was at it's weakest. After a series of boarding parties had broken through the defenses of battle barge Omega, they fought there way to the bridge and mortally wounded the captain.
But Fabian didn't go without a fight. He managed to kill many guardians and dire avengers, 2 squads of howling banshees and the warlocks that accompanied the farseer.
Captain Fabian has sworn to never rest until he destroys Eldrad Ulthran utterly in mortal combat.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Captain Fabian:
Power sword, melta bombs 120 points


Tactical Space marines: 170 points
Missile launcher, flamer

Tactical space marines: 170 points
missile launcher, flamer

Scouts: 90 points
camo cloaks, 1 missile launcher, 4 sniper rifles

Scouts: 75 points
all armed with boltguns


Dreadnought: 105 points
Multi-melta, dreadnought close combat weapon

Dreadnought 105 points
Multi-melta, dreadnought close combat weapon

Fast attack:

Assault squad: 130 points
Sergeant: power fist, combat shield

3 Land speeders: 180 points

Land speeder storm 50 points

Heavy support:

Predator: 95 points
Auto-cannon, sponson mounted heavy bolters, storm bolter

Whirlwind: 85 points
whirlwind multiple missile launcher

Vindicator: 115 points
Demolisher cannon, storm bolter

Total: 1,510 points
» Important Characters
Chapter master: Augustus Calgar, Brother of Marneus Calgar of the Ultramarines

Captain of the 2nd company: Cato Sicarius of the Ultramarines, master of the watch
(owing to the fact that he is the grand duke of Talassar and he possesses the Talassarian tempest blade

Captain of the 3rd company: Sirius Fabian-Blessed with dreadnought armour

Master of the Armoury: Brother-sergeant Ned Ironus- master-crafted combi-melta with hellfire rounds

Captain of the 4th company: Agro Brutus-bestowed Land Raider Thunderfire

Chief librarian Armanus -with master crafted force rod
» The triumph over chaos
The Talassar angels joined forces with the death spectres on M40.723 and lead a campaign that lasted for half of a millenium. Their goal was eradicate the chaos presence in the ghoul stars forever.
There was no official record of the campaign but it is said that there were 1000 battles in that war and the Talassar angels emerged after killing M'kar the Reborn 10 times before he withdrew the remaining chaos daemons leaving the Talassar angels with one of their greatest victories yet.
Sirius Fabian was greeted with a hero's welcome when he returned to Talassar.
He received the Aquila, The imperial laurel and 2 purity seals.
» The best ways to use this force
Deep strike:
I prefer to drop the drop pod first and because of the inertial guidance system, it reduced scatter distance by the minimum to avoid dangerous or impassible terrain and models.
Then if you deep strike the assault squad within 6 inches of the drop pod, they don't scatter because of the drop pod's locator beacon(must be bought as an upgrade)

Use the missile launcher for some serious long ranged firepower and use the dreadnought's multi-melta at half range(12 inches or less) to gain the advantage of melta effect(2D6 for armour penetration on vehicles)

Fast attack:
Use the assault squad to get rid of infantry that are carrying heavy weapons(eldar dark reapers etc.) and the land speeders are great for stopping any dangerous enemy advances.
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Nice list. Got any pics of the army?
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