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Hive Fleet Hades Tyranids Warhammer 40k -
» Hive Fleet Hades
Hive Fleet Hades was a rather small splinter fleet from Hive Fleet Kraken, that left its mark on numerous planets. However, upon an investigation from the Chaos Space Marine warband known as the "Unborn of Vargul" (Note; Unborn of Vargul is my Chaos army) on a planet very recently consumed, their Chaos Lord Vargul and Sorcerer Lord Argus had a dangerous yet interesting idea: capture a Hive Fleet. The Unborn of Vargul waged battle on this planet against the numerous Tyranids still situated there, and left a devastating blow. A blow so large, Hive Fleet Hades wouldn't even be considered a hive fleet anymore. Such was Tzeentch's psychic influence over the Hive Mind's most synaptic creatures, that they ceased to even attack the Chaos forces. With Sorcerer Lord Argus', and every other Chaos Sorcerer's aid and powerful will, they were powerful enough to "capture" the synaptic fiends. With this new power the magically obsessed sorcerers of Tzeentch slowly but surely claimed the entire Hive Fleet after months. Whatever the Unborn of Vargul didn't capture, they left out to die amongst themselves. The Norn Queen of Hive Fleet Hades is now a powerful minion of Chaos.
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Seeing as how there was no Tyranids (without the use of a mod) in Dawn of War, I had no help from the in game army painter, and as such I was stuck creating a color scheme on my own. Also, no Tyranid banners for me to pick from either.

Here's a fun fact about this army: Chaos Tyranids.
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Troops: 26 Hormagaunts
Troops: 12 Termagants

Elites: 1 Zoanthrope

Heavy Support: 1 Trygon Prime
Heavy Support: 2 Carnifexes
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  • Carnifex #1, Dual Scything Talons
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09/02/2012 03:50
But sadly you can't field them together
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08/24/2011 14:36
cool story. a chaos hive fleet is an awesome idea
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Medic Marine's Avatar
08/18/2011 09:47
Intriguing gluff.
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