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Craftworld Xil-Tak Eldar Warhammer 40k -
» Craftworld Xil-Tak
I honestly have nothing for them, as writing Eldar fluff is quite difficult in my opinion. I'll keep you guys posted.
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This is a custom Eldar Craftworld, made in a similar fashion as my Chaos renegade chapter, the Unborn of Vargul. I kinda based the colors off of an Eldar banner for Dawn of War made by Hangar-8.
» History/Fluff
HQ: 1 Farseer
HQ: Karandras, the Shadow Hunter
HQ: Eldrad Ulthran

Elites: 6 Striking Scorpions
Elites: 10 Wraithguard

Troops: 44 Guardians/4 Support Weapon Platforms
Troops: 10 Dire Avengers
Troops: 3 Wave Serpent

Fast Attack: 3 Shining Spears
Fast Attack: 2 Crimson Hunters

Heavy Support: 3 War Walkers
Heavy Support: 2 Falcons
Heavy Support: 5 Dark Reapers
» Images
  • Shining Spears
  • Wave Serpent
  • Karanadras, the Shadow Hunter
  • Farseer Kailos (front)
  • Farseer Kailos (back)
  • Guardian Defender squad 1
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07/27/2013 07:11
I think you should thin your paints cause they seem rather thick. Then on the spears and Wave Serpent, try to use masking tape to get straight lines.
Good luck!
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10/18/2011 07:09
Any pictures? Has the army been painted?
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