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Alatoic Eldar Army Eldar Warhammer 40k 750
» Alatoic Eldar Army
So far the army consists of:

7 Dire Avengers
~10 Guardians w/ Weapons Platform
2x Wave Serpent
1x War Walker

(I.E. The Battleforce )
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Have yet to come up with a suitable background, mostly due to my utter lack of knowledge about Eldar
» History/Fluff
-Paint the Army
-Figure out how to paint an Alatoic color scheme
-Buy a LOT more Eldar models, up to around 1850/2k points
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Moriouce's Avatar
07/27/2013 07:12
Where are those pics?
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Dawnstar's Avatar
11/21/2011 07:29
I do need to paint! So far I've only managed to paint the Farseer to any sort of standard. I'll put a pic of him up within the next week or so
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 06:48
You need some pics! Which means you need to paint! Good list for a start.
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