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Nalgar is a Liche of some 300 years old. Once a well respected scholar and mage. He was outcast from the school of wizardry when he suggested the study of Necromancy as standard practise to better understand the threat it posed. Driven from his life as a well known and highly regarded member of society, Nalgar moved to the country where he practised with the damned arts on his own for many years.

When word reached him that his son had been murdered in the city, Nalgar returned. He found his son?s resting place and used his knowledge to perform a summoning spell. However, Nalgar was but a novice, with no true understanding of the art he was practising. His spell did indeed revive his son, along with every corpse in the graveyard. The mass of zombies he had raised proceeded to slaughter hundreds across the city, acting on Nalgar?s powerful hate of those who had ?wronged? him. By the time his hold broke on the undead, Nalgar was a shell. Having witness the citizens of his hometown butchered, their flesh feasted on by those things he himself had summoned, Nalgar was a broken man.

Overcome with grief, Nalgar returned to his country home and delved deeper into the secrets of Necromancy, determined to revive those he had killed. Six years later he returned to the city to find it repopulated. After some searching he found the mass grave of those affected by the actions of his last visit. With his new knowledge, and broken mind, he raised an army of hundreds of skeletons. The townspeople attacked him, calling him a monster, but they did not understand. Nalgar tried to make them see he had corrected his mistakes but they would not listen. So the Necromancer turned his undead on the living, slaughtering the inhabitants of the city for a second time.

The next few years are shrouded in mystery. Nalgar, along with his ever growing legion of undead, made his way across the land, sacking towns and cities as he went. As each populated area fell, his numbers grew. During this period there were dozens major battles between Nalgar?s army and the Elves, and several against the Dwarves. At some point during this time Nalgar achieved his Liche status, his living body having finally succumbed to the effects of Necromancy. But in death, Nalgar became far more powerful than he ever was in life. His grief and sorrow were replaced with an insatiable lust for chaos. He wrought a bloody path, decimating entire armies as they tried to stop him.

And then, after many months of destruction, he disappeared. There was no sign of the Liche, or his forces, for over 150 years. His actions became another note in the history books and he was forgotten. What he did during this period is unknown. But when he returned, he did so at the head of a colossal army of undead. Having recruited his famous six insidious Necromancers, Nalgar was able to summon a terrifying force and advance upon the living world.
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"Necromancy is the most abhorrent of sorcery, and all who practise it are hated and feared in equal measure. In violation of natural law, Necromancers are able to use their power to defy death itself, extending their own lives virtually indefinitely.?

Liche King Nalgar's Undead Horde

A detailed log can be found Here
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Ra?s is Nalgar?s second, his most trusted advisor. It is not often the Liche will seek council, but when he does, it is Ra?s he goes to. As a member of the Six, Ra?s is primarily responsible for the summoning of the troops, mass ranks of skeletal warriors. While all of the Six, can summon any and all of the forces Nalgar requires, Ra?s can summon hordes of skeletons quicker, and hold control of them better than any other.

Amongst his other duties, Ra?s is responsible for the keeping of Nalgar?s phylactery. Ra?s is a man of evil, but his desire to cause destruction outweighs his ambition. With Nalgar, Ra?s is able to bring damnation to the living on a scale he had never imagined. It is for this reason that he is entrusted with the one thing that could bring Nalgar?s reign of terror to an end.


Karnack is responsible for those individuals of the elite corps. Revenants. Clad in heavy armour, wielding finely crafted weapons, the undead elite rise from the ground ready to follow Karnack?s orders.


Ar?nath is as old as he is malevolent. Who better then to bind angry spirits to the material plain in service of the Liche King. Ar?nath is the Wraith master. He conjures the spirits of the dead to return and fight once again.


Long ago, Caloth could have been a great knight. A favoured warrior of a great king, or prolific jouster. Now though, he uses his knowledge to summon the cavalry of Nalgar?s army. Perhaps the most aggressive of The Six, Caloth rides with his troops and often enters the battle proper himself.
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Revenant Cavalry

Soul Reavers




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10/25/2011 23:58
Great army and theme. I love the sweet irony and tragedy inherent in the idea of a liche. He gets the boon of eternal life only to see all life die and decay, to include his own body.
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