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1. Wretched Souls
Army Name Race Game System Points
Wretched Souls Dark Eldar Warhammer 40k -
» Wretched Souls

1. Archon
2. 10xWarriors
3. 10xWyches
4. 5xMandrakes
5. Raider
6. Razorwing


1. Warriors
2. Wyches
3. Wracks
4. Grotesques
5. Incubi
6. Raider
7. Reavers
8. Scourges
9. Talos
10. Haemonculus
11. Succubus
12. Lelith
13. Urien
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A new project of mine not long been started, photos are not great but will add more as units are finished
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KBelleau's Avatar
02/17/2012 14:05
Nice color scheme, I really like the mandrakes... not enough ppl use them.
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777swappamag777's Avatar
08/25/2011 13:32
not bad i would do a dark blue wash over the armour it looks chalky from here and it would make the armour seem flowing and more alive
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