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1. Order of the Cerulean Ember
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Order of the Cerulean Ember Sisters of Battle Warhammer 40k 2500
» Order of the Cerulean Ember
Stationed on the frozen agri-world Glais VI, the Order of the Cerulean Ember zealously hold monopoly over the planet's main fuel, a blue coal that once ignited, retains heat even in freezing temperatures.

Originally a Commandery of Battle Sisters from the Order of the Sacred Rose that crash landed on a dying Glais VI due to fuel shortage; the group of sisters were elevated to "God-Emperor sent saviors" when one Battle Sister discovered a cave with the biggest deposit of Cerulean Ember on the planet.

The Sisters were appointed "Keepers of the Emperor's Blazing Gift" and made a minor order to fulfill this role.

They are called from time to time to deal with xenos and witches on nearby systems, but they mostly seek out heretic smugglers who try to introduce other means of heating, eschewing "The Emperor's Gift"; a trechearous act punishable only in the most fitting way: Obliteration.
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“We are the Daughters of the Emperor;
of the Order of the Cerulean Ember.
We guard his blazing gift with our faith and our lives;
And to the darkest of places, we bring his Light.
In the name of the Bolter, the Flamer and the Melta;
We deliver His judgment without exemption.
To the alien, the mutant, the witch and the heretic,
We offer redemption, through obliteration.”

- Creed of the Order of the Cerulean Ember -
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All of my Sisters have a winter hood made with green stuff.

I'm still in the process of repainting the whole army. I already have 1500points worth of Sororitas minus the tanks. When I'm done, I'll post a pic of the full army.
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OMG, it's the scary spice wedding party.
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