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1. The BloodCallers
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The BloodCallers Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 1500
» The BloodCallers
Here's a bit of WIP fluff for anyone bothering to read!

To ride to war upon brazen steed, and hear the screams of the butchered, such things were as food and drink to a mortal, as they were to Kramul the Bloodcaller, he had waged war for over 10 000 years, by the time of the corpse god's Imperium. But never once had he tired, never once asked for respite in the face of war's brutality.

His axe, one of the many used in his revered and mighty Primarch's used in the glorious days of the so called "Horus Heresy" had been discarded on the Desert World of Zanction IV
Kramul, then but a lowly captain in his master's service, had struggled for nigh on two hours to pry the axe from the rocky ground in which the primarch had left it, transfixing a traitours dreadnought of the ultramarines. Upon prying it free, he felt a small measure of the vigour brutality, the feral power of his primarch, and he basked in it. From that day onward, he promised himself, he would strive to bask in the same Glory of the mighty Angron.
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1500pts. of CSM, expanding. Tzeentch Theme

2x Daemon princes w/ Wings

16 Khorne Berzerkers, 2 champs with Powerfists

30 Chaos Space marines, 4 Meltas, 1 plasma, 1 flamer, 1 heavy bolter, 1 autocannon

1 Rhino

10 Terminators, 4 powerfists, 2 chainfists, 4 combi's, 2 reapers.

Hoping to add on a bunch of Thousand Sons and Ahriman in the future!
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Right now I run a generic, CSM obj campers, 'Zerkers to assault, and DP's to wreak havoc.

What I am thinking I am going to start purchasing for though is-

Khorne Lord
Daemon wep

3X 8 'Zerkers, champ /w fist Rhino w/ EA

5 Termies
2x fists
2x melta

and still leaves me around..160pts. for a 1500, so all I need to do it buy another box of KB's and two rhinos.. yippeee!
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Assembling Killa Kans for my girlfriends orks

And finishing a rhino/painting Daemon Prince
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10/26/2011 01:23
Nice list. Got any pics of the army?
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