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» Twilight Dragons
Starting back up after 5 years off. The colour scheme for my army is Purple and bone. I don't have any fluff written for it. It's a standard Craftworld eldar army. I've got a few of most unit types. Most of them are unpainted. I'll be working on that before I get many more models. The army was built under 4th edition and I quit just before 5th ed came out. I only have 2 tanks at the moment, 1 falcon and 1 of the old Metal prisim Fire Prisims. Pics to follow.
» History/Fluff
This is a conversion I did a few years ago and just got around to painting up. Ther conversion work leaves a bit to be desired, but as a Warlock with Singing Spear, it's fairly obvious that's what he's supposed to be.
No conversion work done here, just a warlock out of a blister and onto the stand. I'm not really happy with the amount of shine on the robes, I'll be getting some paint on matt varnish soon. So as soon as I get that he'll be getting a lick of that on the bits that are still too shiny.

This is one of the mini's that made the trip from the US to Australia with me. He needs a bit of touch up.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
I have nothing finished in the Category as yet. See my project log for WIP pics.
» Troops
One unit of guardians done. These guys were mostly painted before I left the US and therefore made a very long trip trapped in a box. Some of them are in desperate need of a repaint/touch-up.

Closeup of the Warlock:

One finished Jetbike. The rest have had the cowling painted when I had access to an airbrush. I hope to get an airbrush in the next several months and I'll be able to paint them.:
» Fast Attack
This is the first model I ever painted with clear plastic. I was dispondent when I sprayed the clear coat on and the window fogged up. I'd masked it out for painting and just unmasked it for the final touchup and clear coat.
» Heavy Support
Falcon, my first tank. I've never been happy with the highlights on this mini, but it looks ok on the table top. I've recently discovered rare earth magnets, and magnetized the turret to the tank.

I'm trying to figure out how to get the Scatterlaser off the tank so I can magnetize that too.

Wraithlord, this is the old model from when the 2nd arm was optional. I got the mini from a friend that didn't have the other arm.

Warwalker, this is the old metal model. I'd like to get my hands on 2 more of these. If I can't find 2 more of them I'll have to get 3 of the new plastic ones. I like the former option better as I like the look of the old model more than the new one.
» Images
  • Wraithlord, assembled back when you were allowed to replace one arm with a weapon
  • Vyper, my first mini with clear plasitc. I'd like to replace the canopy at some point in the future.
  • Warwalker, old OOP. I only have the one and hope to get 2 more at some point in the future.
  • Falcon. My first use of an airbrush
  • Fire Dragons. Not happy with the colour scheme. Detol bath is in their future.
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02/17/2012 14:29
Nice color scheme, blends look good.
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01/25/2012 05:31
army looks great but wats with the square bases???
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06/20/2011 10:01
I quite like it, it's a fitting title
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farseer22's Avatar
06/09/2011 01:22
I'm not real happy with the name of my army. I'm crap at comming up with names and this was the first one that came to mind that I was OK with, so be advised it may change at anytime without notice. :o)
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