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1. 14th Cadian [pictures-updated regularly]
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14th Cadian [pictures-updated regularly] Imperial Guard Warhammer 40k 2000
» 14th Cadian [pictures-updated regularly]
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The 14Th Cadian are similar to the other cadian regiments, the cloth is lighter than the standard Cadian outfit, Seargants also rarely remove their helmets prior to battle however the biggest difference is the vehicles which do not have the desert stripes on them.

The Cadian 14Th also favour vehicular might, over outstanding numbers, they also prefer skilled veterans over mediocre guardsmen.


Just been to town, bought a Commisar Lord finecast model, hoping to have him painted up soon, expect new pictures =).


Painted my Comissar Lord, puts lots of detail and time into him-my best painted model yet. picture will be up soon.


Bought a ten man Kaskrin squad today, have begun painting them in spec-ops style scheme also gotten camera back today so new pictures =)


Uploaded Commisar photo.


Bought manticore tank of Ebay cant wait to get it built and painted.


Uploaded kaskrin photos, sorry it took a while.
» Images
  • The only chimera in the Cadian 14th allocated to infantry
  • A kaskrin weapon speciallist.
  • The Kaskrin Seargant, a veteran of 14Th
  • The elite Kasrin squad
  • The stern Comissar of the 14Th
  • The Cadian 14Th's prized vehicle.
  • The 14Th's airbourne armour
  • The 14Th's second leman russ
  • The Cadian 14th's Standard Leman russ
  • The Cadian 14th's Artillery
  • The commander's personal chimera with additional comms
  • The Cadian 14th command
  • The only Cadian 14th Sentinels
  • One of the six heavy weapon squads
  • One of the many weapon specialists
  • One of the five shotgun veterans
  • One of the brave veteran seargants
  • One of two veterans squads
  • Although there armour is outdated these are still the elite of the 14Th
  • The Commanders right hand man
  • The Honourable Cadian 14th commander
  • The Cadian 14th Flag bearer
» Comments
hardluck57's Avatar
03/01/2012 13:53
I like how you have the old and the new stormtrooper models in the army. Great work.
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jaysen's Avatar
11/07/2011 05:09
My only criticism is that there's just so much green. The picture that really jumps out at me is the plasma weapon tank. It has a bright colour that really makes the dull green look good. With any army that's mostly a mono color, especially a dull one, you need lots of bright colored details that will bring the models alive.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 06:15
Go go big green!
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LTDEAD's Avatar
08/28/2011 23:05
Those look awesome! Though I'd recommend painting some dirt and scratches on your vehicles, that way they look like they've been through a fight or two.
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Mikeybx's Avatar
07/15/2011 08:59
Thanks everyone also I have added more detail to the valkyrie tau112 need to upload the photo.
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tau112's Avatar
07/15/2011 05:39
Good Work with the painting! I like the valkrye!
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Big Mek LugNutz's Avatar
07/11/2011 23:38
Looks like a great table army... Good work lad...!
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LukeValantine's Avatar
07/06/2011 14:31
Very by the books cadians, well done.
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Mikeybx's Avatar
06/23/2011 04:31
Thanks man I have aquired them from a variety of sources :L
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Finnfox's Avatar
06/20/2011 12:50
Good work with painting :D Lol you've got so many tanks XD
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