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been collecting 5 years and love them to bits over all i have 25 terminators. 70 space marines. 6 tanks. 2 land raiders. 1 baneblade. 1 warhound titan to many HQ's to count probly 20 one off them is my chapter master Fist Of Nova he is all powerful and is over kill but he can be as strong as normal chapters masters or 250pts. the army has returned from 1000 years of blood shed in the void and return with magical iteams off chaos but are said to not affect them most space marines chapters dont trust them and fight there battles on there own.
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08/06/2014 06:10
I would LOVE to see pics of this
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10/26/2011 00:03
Nice tyranid pic for the army logo, lol. Novamarines have a cool paint scheme.
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Bane_of_Kings's Avatar
06/04/2011 13:06
Pretty cool, needs pics!
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