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Command Squad:

N'keln is the current Master of the Ashbringers, and lord of the Promethean cult. His master-crafted power sword is one of a pair forged by Argos, master of the forge, and blessed by Chaplain Xavier before his death.

His command squad includes 2 veterans of the first company, apothecary Ru'tarn, Brother Ra'kaa - keeper of the standard, and Va'kir, champion of the Ashbringers.

Ra'kaa is infamous amongst the chapter for his devotion to the standard, even refusing to take any weapons other than a powerfist, so both hands may be free at all times to protect it.

Va'kir is an accomplished fighter who excels in battle against the largest and fiercest of alien creatures. He was promoted soon after returning from an extended service with the deathwatch, and wields a master crafted chainsword. His augmented arm allows him to wield the larger weapon with speed and grace, as if it were a mere dagger.

Tactical Squad A'kil

Assigned to aid the forgefather for a continued period of 90 years, Sergeant A'kil's Squad was present at the discovery of Kesare's Mantle, the fourth missing relic of Vulcan

Tactical Squad Zaakir

Regularly sanctioned by the promethean cult to aid in aggressive scouting missions. Due to their familiarity with the chapters chaplains, the squad is highly zealous.

Devastator Squad Ta'lib

Though in appearance they are unlikely peacekeepers, Sergeant Ta'lib's relentless rain of fire has been known to drive an enemy to surrender before a single man has fallen.

Assault Squad Ch'ali

To overcome training issues in the planets harsh gravity, Sergeant Ch'ali utilises the lava fields of nocturne during jump pack excercises. Those caught out by the spewing lava eruptions are quick to learn the necessity of speed and focus.

3rd Company Vehicle units:

» Army Details

About My Army:

This is a Salamanders project that has been ongoing for about 10 years now. It's my second marine army after I started playing Ultramarines in 2nd edition, and the chapter that captured my heart (and wallet) when I returned in 4th. I've had a few side projects, but I shall forever be loyal to the flames of Nocturne.

The army is focused around the Salamanders 3rd company, featuring special characters, veterans and scouts from the rest of the chapter. A lot of the fluff is my own (Salamanders didn't really have any in 4th) but if you've read the Nick Kyme novels you'll probably see a few familiar names, but adapted to my own purposes. Think of it as an alternative universe if you will.

I always thought it was a little unfair that the first company get a cool name, so I've dubbed my 3rd Company 'The Ashbringers'. I also gave them their own insignia which you can see in my avatar, partly to add more character to the squad - but mostly because i can't freehand a salamander logo to save my life.

Anyway, here they are - I hope you enjoy my army. Each squad is accompanied by a brief fluff section, and further down you can read of any epic moments of success (or failure) they have had in games.

Thanks for looking, comments and questions are always welcome!

"As the darkness falls, a sea of orks stands between us and our stranded brothers. I promise you all that by dawn tomorrow, the xenos will know the fury of our weapons, and we shall bring their ashes to our kin on the soles of our boots" - Captain N'keln
» History/Fluff

Vulkan He'stan:

Current Forgefather of the Salamanders, keeper of the sacred relics of Vulkan and seeker of the remaining artifacts.

He'stan is armed with the Spear of Vulkan, The Gauntlet of the Forge and Kesare's Mantle - an ancient scaled cloak of immense strength. He often takes to the battlefield with members of the 3rd and 4th company, fighting alongside trusted battle brothers in his quest to find the lost treasures of their primarch.

Argos - Master of the Forge:

Argos is the most revered Techmarine on Nocturne, the Master of the forge. Like all Salamanders he is a skilled weapon and armoursmith, blending exquisite craftsmanship with deadly technology.

On the rare occasion that he is called to the battlefield, his Vulkan pattern Conversion Beamer lays waste to the enemy at incredible range.

Captain I'kari:

As Master of the rites, responsible for training and ceremony, I'kari is tied closely to the Promethean cult. As a sign of office, he wields the master-crafted power sword twinned with N'keln's.

Where possible, Captain I'kari likes to personally oversee field training for marines recommended for promotion. In this capacity he often leads small expedition forces, supported by 1st company veterans.

Epistolary Sulo:

Sulo is a skilled manipulator of the warp, particularly in the arts of Pyromancy. He is a violent combatant who uses searing flame to disorient and decimate the enemies of the Imperium.

Whilst other Salamanders are still wary of the psyker's power, Sulo's affinity with the flame earns him a warmer reception than the majority of the chapter's Librarians.

Reclusiarch Esolis:

A student of the infamous Xavier, Esolis has long served the Promethean Cult and is well known throughout the ranks of the Salamanders. He is known as a fierce and bloodthirsty combatant, often utilising the deadly artifacts of Promethus' reclusiam.

After a prolonged campaign fighting alongside the Imperial fists, Esolis was entrusted with the keeping of The Burning Blade. He has used no other weapon since.

Veteran Squad Imani:

Imani is a staunch advocate of taking the fight to the enemy, deploying his veteran squad via deep strike whenever possible. Imperial commanders have commented that his actions are often reckless, but few can argue with the results on the battefield.

Terminator Squad Mo'ati:

Veteran Sergeant Mo'ati rose to the 1st company from many years of service in the 3rd. His voice still rings clear in the ears of many 3rd company marines, which is why his terminator squadron is so often assigned to support them.

Scout Squad Rae'kwon:

Veteran Sgt. Rae'kwon is a legend in the Salamanders seventh Scout company. Working with a unit of Snipers behind the superb fortifications of the Techmarines, his scouts are an immovable object that pose a threat to even the most fearsome of enemy commanders.

The Ironsouls:

Brother Incus and Malleus were both highly decorated veterans, and served together in the chapter master's honour guard for many years. Despite their internment into the dreadnought armour being almost 100 years apart, the chapter's techmarines still sense this bond through their machine spirits.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
I can never take good enough notes for a battle report, but i'll update this section with the best (and worst) moments from my games.

Mission: 1500pts - The scouring - Salamanders vs GK
Unit of note: Epistolary Sulo

I decided to run a cheap Librarian HQ for this battle, joining him with my Sternguard squad to give them Gate of Infinity - Hopefully.

I didn't really have a back up plan if my dice went sour on the psychic table, so i was more than a little relieved when the gamble paid off. I rolled Gate of Infinity and Objuration Mechanicum - Praise the Emperor!

With my new found luck I took the first turn and sent Sulo & the Sternguard flat out along the flank of the table in their Rhino, confident that my Ironclad would keep his dreadknight busy whilst i got into position.

Unfortunately he had other ideas - I soon had a massive silver bastard looming over my transport, with psycannon shots raining down on the hull. Despite a barrage of fire, the rhino stayed intact and the dreadknight had to charge in and crack it open by hand.

Next turn my dismounted Sternguard fell back and opened up on the Knight, but barely scraped one of his 5 wounds. If i survived the next charge it was time to get the hell out of here.

Play shifted to my opponent and the dreadknight began his onslaught. No casualties were lost to the Heavy Incinerator (hurrah for Salamander chapter tactics) but 4 fell very quickly once he got into CC - it was definitely time to warm up the gate of infinity.

The salamanders retaliated before they left, and Sulo's master crafted force sword scored a lucky hit, quickly followed by a 6 to wound the lumbering beast. Amazingly the Dreadknight's armour save failed, and Sulo passed his psychic test to inflict instant death!

I shall never doubt the powers of the warp again.

Battle: Hor Kill Teams - 2 v 1 - Marines vs GK
Unit of note: Plasma Cannon Marine

We regularly play Kill teams using the Heralds of Ruin fan rules - it's very well put together and you can make epic moves like jumping across building tops and diving into close combat. You purchase models individually, and this game i decided to take a Plasma Cannon devastator.

I spent almost 30 points (out of 250) on him, and he proceeded to have the worst game i've ever seen.

Turn 1 he starts off in a building and scatters his shot the full 8 inches off the table.

Turn 2 he attempts to jump out of the building, fails his initiative test and falls flat on his face.

Turn 3 he rolls a 1 (on gets hot) and barely made his armour save.

Turn 4 he rolls another 1, and blows himself up.

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Golden Vocalchords's Avatar
06/19/2014 12:08
Beautiful, the type of green you used works perfectly! I've seen He'stan's cape done as if it was made of lava, but your He'stan is awesome as well.
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Haskanael's Avatar
06/04/2014 06:10
holy crap this is grand stuff o-o
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Varakir's Avatar
05/05/2014 17:06
Thanks for all the kind comments guys, I have always enjoyed painting these guys and the positive feedback is very much appreciated - I have actually got the last few units I will be doing for this army in various stages of completion, it's coming to a close but there's a still a way to go!
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Iraqiel's Avatar
05/03/2014 02:08
Ahhh every time I come back I'm reminded how much I like your paint style, particularly vehicle and squad motifs, orange glowing thunderhammer and the super characterful veteran squad!
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Moriouce's Avatar
04/06/2014 03:53
A dacade to paint something like this would not be a decade spent in vain. One of my fav showcases!
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03/30/2014 15:04
This is smashing!
A decade well spent, and accolades easily earned.
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alphamarine009's Avatar
03/16/2014 07:29
vulkan would be proud of both the army and the battle can't wait to see if they can kill some bloody necrons (pains in the arses those necrons)
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Iraqiel's Avatar
02/17/2014 07:50
Loving the updates, keep them coming!
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Iraqiel's Avatar
10/05/2013 20:51
Nice work Varakir! I like your conversions, and there's a lot of really great detailed paint work in there!
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death_monger101's Avatar
08/30/2013 05:50
love the lava-flame-sword in the command squad, the whole army (so far with more to come i hope) just good clean and well done in general!
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Warlord_Winters's Avatar
06/01/2012 19:22
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wolflordthor's Avatar
05/04/2012 12:29
*jealous* great work ^^
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apidude's Avatar
11/28/2011 15:08
Great work! ... but you make resisting the urge to start a Salamander Army extremely difficult. Keep up the good work!
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Fallen DA's Avatar
11/15/2011 11:50
Excellent looking Army.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/26/2011 00:43
Beautiful army! Great flames, nice weathering, good poses. I love it.
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777swappamag777's Avatar
08/28/2011 19:32
now those are salamanders
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cpt.Octavian's Avatar
08/24/2011 19:15
great painting and presentation.good job
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KjellThorngaard's Avatar
07/23/2011 00:40
Beautiful army. If I paint a new Marine army this will provide perfect inspiration. well done!
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The Gunslinger's Avatar
06/14/2011 06:12
ah ok then, well either way it looks cool, as does the army, i was first tempted by the salamanders but went over to chaos
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Varakir's Avatar
06/10/2011 09:27
Thanks for the comments folks, 'tis much appreciated.

@Gunslinger - the logo is just a stand in for now, i'm using my avatar (it's a V) for the time being
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