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Bendali 501st "Cobra's" Imperial Guard Warhammer 40k 17000
» Bendali 501st "Cobra's"
Up until the 5th Ed codex came out the biggest thing I loved about the guard was that they were always the under-dog. Low stats and poor basic weapons were the bane of all guard players, but it was an army that could win when you really learned the ins and outs. Over the years my win loss ratio began to see a lot more wins than losses and then the all powerful 5th edition hit and guard were no longer the bottom man on the totem pole. I found myself with a new challenge, to build fluffy fun lists that could still win and not feel like I was power-gaming.

I think to this day one of my favorite lists was a Death Strike escort force. It had 2 mechanized platoons, a CCS in Chimera, a Leman Russ Exterminator, 2 squads of Rough Riders(modeled on scout bikes, personal preference), and 2 vet squads mounted in a squadroned pair of Valkyries.

I played this list for a really long time and it was always fun to see the look on my opponents face when the DS launched and just did a disgusting amount of damage to one of our armies.
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My long term addiction since 3rd edition. I have a load of mini's that I need to get painted, but I guess this is what happens when you buy someone else's infantry army. I just wish I was as into painting as I am into building.
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06/09/2011 12:28
Dear god thats a crud load of guard!! its pics like that that almost make me wish I had stuck to one army over 15years of collecting!!
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