Kerotk's Servants of the Old Ones

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Kerotk's Servants of the Old Ones Lizardmen Warhammer 3000
» Kerotk's Servants of the Old Ones

Skink Priest, Level 2

Skink Priest with Cloak of Feathers
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This army showcase will hold my Lizardmen Army as I develop and paint it. In 2010 I started collecting the Old Ones Servants and will begin to paint them upon completion of my Dark Elf Army in the 2011 Heresy Online Painting Challenge.

UPDATE, Feb 18, 2012: I finished my Dark Elf Army for the 2011 Heresy Online Painting Challenge and its finished models can be viewed in my army showcase located at Marek T'Calt's Raiders of House Raca Sceadu.

I've decided to continue with my Fantasy Armies painting with the next painting challenge, working on completing those enigmatic denizens of Lustria, the Lizardmen.

I have always, since my first exposure to the WHFB game system, been drawn to the whole Lizardmen concept both fluff, models, and capabilities and have been collecting random models from bits bins for about 2 years. Like my Dark Elves in 2011, it is time to get them ready for the table and the 2012 Painting Challenge will be the vehicle used to get them done.

I am priming with white for this army. All the other painting I have done for my Tau Army and my Dark Elves used black primer. As I want the blues to be bright, I'm using white (also to "get a feel" for the difference having a white undercoat makes in painting).

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Chakax: The Eternity Warden

Scar Veteran 1

Scar Veteran 2

Skink Chief with Blowpipe

Skink Chief
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Skink Mob (24)

Skink Skirmishers with blowpipes

Saurus Unit 1 with Spears (20 models)

Saurus Unit 2 with Spears

» Special
Temple Guard

Lizardmen Cold Ones Cavalry


Chameleon Skinks w/ Blowpipes
Note: These were purchased, as is, from the Bits Bin at my local shop.

KROXIGAR(S): (3 models)
» Rare
Salamander with Crew

Razordon with Crew

STEGODON(S) (1 model still boxed)
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