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1. The Blades of Fury
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The Blades of Fury Grey knights Warhammer 40k -
» The Blades of Fury
When Malacdor returned to Titan with eight space marines, there was one amoung them that hailed from the World Eaters legion, but had remained loyal to the emperor when Heresy came. Menotuis was a veteran world eater from the first company, his skill in combat could make the rest of his legion look slow and clumsy but at the same time he was a highly capible leader. Menotuis had chosen to stay by the side of the Emperor even though the rest of his legion had fallen: he could not why they would join Horus. was the Emperor not a good enough leader? had he not saved humanity from ever threat it had encountered? why does all this need to change?

While Titan was stuck in the warp, hidden from prying eyes, Menotuis had trained his brotherhood to the greatest extent and had not been beaten in combat. Now Grand Master Menotuis he began to wage war against the daemonic, it became clear that Menotuis' brotherhood excelled in close quarter fighting and like their grand master, could not see any reason to fall to chaos. Their purpose was to fight for the Emperor, what are you without purpose?

(more to come..)
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Having recently started a grey knights army I wanted to add my own style to it, so after alot of thinking and looking through the Grey knights codex I came up with an idea: my own brotherhood.

That idea grew into something much bigger and eventually bore fruit, I combined it with my love of close combat and Khorne worship to create an assualt-orientated brotherhood filled with exceptional warriors. making it an interesting army to plan with alot of fluff.
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