Wolves of Commorragh

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1. Wolves of Commorragh
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Wolves of Commorragh Dark Eldar Warhammer 40k -
» Wolves of Commorragh
The Triad and their armies all tend to have their armor feintly glowing green, their eyes tend to glow a bloody red, and their weapons, unlike alot of their dark eldar kin, seem to have their cases made out of bone. But most of this is easily explained, though the triad would never truly explain it to friend or foe. Their armor is energized to consistently surge into and through their bearers, this gives a great deal of pain through the spikes in their flesh, and has the side effect of making their eyes glow red, it also makes the material that the armor is made out of, normally black as the abyss, to have a green glow to it. As for the weapons, they are crafted out of the molded bones of their foes, their lingering essence lasting upon the warriors hilt, or rifle case, reminding all the Dark Eldar of past kills, continuously invigorating them before the battle even begins.
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the Wolves of Commorragh, this is the title given to a loose collaboration of 3 major powers within the dark cities realm, this collaboration has dealt with practically everything they have set their sights on, with the exception of offing eachother and offing the only other Dark Eldar that could be considered superior to them, Vect.

wolves of Commorragh triad

The Wolves of Commoragh is Led by 3 'major powers' as they were, Archon Dhrazikar Lynn, Lady succubus Hellia Lynn, and the Ancient Haemonculi Lucien Konrad. Each as devious as the next, and all three lead the Wolves of commorragh to new heights of sadism.

the balance of power between the three is varied, Each controlling their own forces, each somewhat aiding eachother during real space raids. Though it could be said that these three are more rivals then allies, always trying to out do the other in their heights of torture and sadism, but the rivalry between these three is probably the closest thing to 'friends' that the dark eldar as a race share, none of the three have any dire need to completely take over the others positions, though they all have tried to kill each other at one point or another, but this is more likely a test to see how well prepared the target is. Do not mistake it though, if any one of the three got a chance to kill one another, they would do so without hesitation.

If any of the three were more powerful then the others, it would probably be Archon Dhrazikar Lynn, for he does sponsor, to a degree, both the cult of the fang, and the coven of the Worg chimera, in his territory. But since both Lady Hellia and Lucien have armies comparable to their archon, and both share their 'rivalry' with eachother, one could not say that any of them has any true power over another.
» History/Fluff
Archon: Dhrazikar Lynn

Dhrazikar Lynn, the Wolf slayer, Known for taking on one of the great Space wolf Lords, and capturing him alive, his torturous screams that echoed through all of commorragh was a sound to behold, for it lasted for almost a century, thanks to the aid of the haemonculi in employ of the Kabal. Dhrazikar seems to enjoy being in the midst of the combat, with his Incubi Retinue, bringing pain and torture to the realms.

Kabal Description: One of the more notable, Kabals within commorragh, they are a formidable force led by the Wolf Slayer himself, Dhrazikar Lynn, have on many an occasion, successfully raided real space near the Death World of Fenris, home of the mighty space wolves. The Wolves of Fenris being well known for their strong spirits Gave this Kabal and their supporters immeasurable pleasure upon the many assaults on their Territory. Having Their territory within the Dark City being in the same Physical space as the star system housing the Death World Fenris, gave them plenty of chances to pick at their favored of prey.

Over the Long years, the Wolf Slayers have become renown for the Trophies they house upon their spire, Tortured bodies still barely alive of many a space Marine, Tyranid, Orc, Tau, and the likes, even of some those who would have betrayed the Kabal. proudly on display for all who pass through their territory, to see their might, Kept alive by the Haemonculi employed by Dhrazikar, Souls who have been all but drained and broken left on the spikes of the spire to wane the rest of their lives away, having varying poisons being injected into their very souls giving a eternity of pain to those who were unlucky enough to be caught by this Kabal.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Succubus: Lady Hellia Lynn

Lady Hellia Lynn, wife of the wolf slayer, the second leader of the Wolves of Commoragh Triad, The only person out of the triad who can match Dhrazikar in battle prowess, and has one of the more sadistic minds out of all of the dark eldar, she, like Dhrazikar, enjoys to slowly torture her prey, giving them a small taste of pleasure or freedom only to take it away from them at the very last second, using many varied means of torture, she has broken down even the strongest willed opponents, through the most sadistic means, making them bend to her will at the end, the only one who she has never been able to break, is Dhrazikar himself, but thats the reason she joined him as his wife, he is the only one she finds worthy.

Cult Description: founded by Lady Hellia Lynn, she and her Cohorts preferring their curved dual daggers, all coated with paralytic poisons designed to numb and bring their prey back alive, to be used in their games like mice in a maze, but their maze has no exit. Lady Hellia Lynn actually has been known to Torture and discipline any unit of her Wytches who do not bring back at least 1 Living Slave per person left alive in their group, as she feels they are not worth her time or dhrazikars if they can not bring even a single Living victim for their sadistic games.
» Coven of the Worg Chimera
Ancient Haemonculi: Lucien Konrad

Lucien Konrad, has a very different taste of pain then his counterparts in the Triad, his joy is the act of creating Chimera, splicing together different slave races to see what kind of abominations he can Create and use as flesh slaves. He has found using Fenris Wolves brings out an especially ferocious but loyal flesh slave, and he tends to enjoy the torture in bringing those chimera he creates, into submission. And what better way to demoralize your enemy then having an abomination created from what you could once call your friend face you, words from the mouth asking to be put out of their misery, but the body forceibly used to destroy their opponents without mercy. Lucien has used this tactic many a time to bring fourth many more souls for him to continue to use in his Experiments.

Coven Description: the Coven of Worg Chimera, just as its name suggests, is mostly filled with disfigured chimera wracks and Grotesques, A lot of which look like disfigured space marines with the Gene Seed of Russ. the haemonculi follow the lead of Lucien Konrad, making plenty of these abominations to use in real space raids.
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the project log for my Dark Eldar, this showcases most of my models as i take pictures of them.

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