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1. Host of the Four Powers(Pics)
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Host of the Four Powers(Pics) Chaos Daemons Warhammer 40k 2500
» Host of the Four Powers(Pics)

Blue Crushers i know a bit odd but story is that the changling tricked the crushers into attacking fate weaver who wiped their memories and took them as his slaves to protect him.
» Army Details
2500 points
333-Kairos Fateweaver
255-Khore-Madewn bane of the Machine Spirit
(Bloodthirster with Blessing of the Blood God)

150-Raptors of Azmilar (5 Fiends of Slaanesh)
200-The Changed (4 Bloodcrushers with Icon of Chaos,Fury of Khorne,Instrument of Chaos)
200- Paladins of Madewn (4 Bloodcrushers with Icon of Chaos,Fury of Khorne,Instrument of Chaos)

75-The Festering Fist (5 Plague bearers)
75-The Sickened Shield (5 Plague Bearers)
75-The Eye of Nurgle (5 Plague Bearers)
100-The Changeling's Pranksters (5 Horrors with Changeling and Bolt of Tzeentch)

Fast Attack
The Hounds of Madewn
(185- 10 Flesh hounds with Karanak)
(150- 10 Flesh Hounds)
(150- 10 Flesh Hounds)

Heavy Support
195-Azmilar (Demon Prince with Mark of Slaanesh, Aura of Aquiescence, Pavane of Slaanesh, Soporific Musk, Iron Hide, Unholy Might)
215-Narmont (Demon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Noxious Touch,Cloud of Flies,Iron Hide, Demonic Flight)
140-Zark'kintol the Great Blue Horror (Demon Prince with.Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch)

Additional Models
3000 pts of Chaos space marines
25 Horrors 10 Blood letters
» History/Fluff

Khore-Madewn still WIP
» Modelling and Conversion Information

» Background
The Great Oracle of Tzeentch has been known to venture out into the galaxy. He sets out now with a retinue of the other gods in search of artifacts for his master as well as fresh souls. His time with the host of demons is often short coming and going as he pleases sometimes leaving mid battle to attend to other matters of his great master's plan. Chief amongst his lieutenants is Khore-Madewn, the great blood thirster. His power is on loan to Kairos in return for the services of some of the Ravenlords minions to the Blood God. Madewn is an old even by blood thirster standards. Not the strongest or most skilled in combat compared to his brothers he is however the loyalest to his Lord and serves him and his will indefinately. He lacks the lupine head of his brothers because of this loyalty. On the planet of Kelion V he was ordered by the blood got to collect every skull from the planet. So he set out on the planet striking down enemy after enemy. Once the enemy had been defeated and his skull collected Madewn continued on his blood thirsty path striking down fellow demons of his army, felling bloodletter, crusher,hound, and thirster alike until non remained and a mountain of skulls was stacked into the heavens of Kelion V, finding no other skulls to claim, and heading his masters words to collect every skull Madewn took up his shadow axes Dusk and Dawn and cut his own head off. So pleased was khorne with his servents deeds that he resurrected the great blood thirster regrowing the demons head in a visage to pay homage for his loyalty. No doth Madewn continue to server, The embodyment of unyielding devotion and loyalty to his lord.
» Army Record

Khore-Madewn kills
Executioner Leman Russ Battle Tank x3
3 man squad of Lascannon Sentinels
4 Thunderwolf Calvary
Guardsman Vet Squadx2
Wazdakka Gutsmek
3 Killa Kans
Inquisitor Lord and 4 man terminator retinue
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02/18/2011 00:06
a large GW run tournament, generally highly competitive
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02/16/2011 22:50
whats ard boys?
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02/14/2011 13:08
I've never seen a blue bloodcrusher, but I love it dude. And the daemon prince on the bottom really pops out to me. Very detailed and neat. Nice bit of fluff too.
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02/06/2011 22:34
any C&C is lovingly received. especially on my painting/modeling
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02/06/2011 21:11
planning on entering into ard boyz with this list. dont know if ill make it far but i do love this new feature and plan on updating it and adding to the army over time
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