The order of the sepulchre

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The order of the sepulchre Sisters of Battle Warhammer 40k 500
» The order of the sepulchre
Given the difficulty in buying Sisters of Battle at the moment, the army is growing somewhat slowly, but I've been able to add another squad, along with a second cannoness and the beginnings of a inquistorial retinue.
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A relatively new order of the Adeptas Sorioritas, the Order of the Sepulchre is expanding rapidly and is deeply connected with the Inquistion and defence of holy sites.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/26/2011 02:24
I like the aged ivory look to the power armor and the general attention to details and iconography. I wish we had more sisters armies out there.
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sybarite's Avatar
07/28/2011 07:26
looks like a good start,

l will say this though and not to be mean or cause any offence in any way.

but l believe you should thin your paint more as they seem a bit bloby, and redo your highlights and icons as some are mix in with your base colours.

wish you the best of luck.
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