Pre-Heresy (FALLEN) Dark Angels

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Pre-Heresy (FALLEN) Dark Angels Space Marines Warhammer 40k 3000
» Pre-Heresy (FALLEN) Dark Angels
To finish I want to add another Landraider, Yup... Another one. I like them. Add another Tac Squad, an Assault Squad, another Dreadnought, and turn the Termies into 2 Squads, and change their armour a little to make it look older. And finally 3 to 5 Jet Bikes. Then I'll deem it a finished project.
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My take on a Pre-Heresy Dark Angel Force. They've alwasy been my favourite. Not too sure of the total points cost, been meaning to finish them for some time now. But guess it would be around 3000pts. It's more of a labour of love than an actual gaming Army. Use my Relictors for games, on the rare occassion that I play. Will look at writing down the points cost and lay out of the force once it's finally finished, I'm looking at doing a Steel Wing take on the Army.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/26/2011 00:28
Very nice army. Lots of black, but you have a lot of detail that breaks it up. I bet it looks quite different in real life with good lighting.
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Fallen DA's Avatar
07/30/2011 13:46
Again thanks for the comments. I'm not the greatest fan of robes, and since they are a relatively new add on fluff wise, and I can't sculpt desent robes, I was happy to leave them out. I'm more interested in a Rogue Trader feel to whole Army. Hense why I call it a Pre-Heresy Army, although if playing a Game they could be considered a Fallen Gathering for the sake of playing against an Imperial Force. And I liked the idea of the Night Bringer being a manifestation of the Evil that hid on Caliban, so did that as a modelling project. I personally like the idea that the Fallen were taken under the wing of the 5th Chaos Power. I've managed to pre several new models for this force so am hoping to get the time to actually start finishing off this force in the coming months.
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chaos_warrior_marine's Avatar
07/29/2011 02:45
Love that Nightbringer! :D
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/17/2011 14:10
the models are amazing but sorry to be a drag but the fallen were formed during the hourus heresy as lion el was away campaining with russ then the traitor legions assualted terra and word came to them late by the time they departed the siege was almost finished lionel returned to calliban to find the fallen waiting for him
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LukeValantine's Avatar
07/05/2011 23:29
Looking good although I am shocked by the lack of creepy looking robes.
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Fallen DA's Avatar
06/30/2011 09:15
Thanks for the comments. I've finally started re-vamping this Army. So some of the models here have been re-used either for my Relictors or been retired.
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Poomba's Avatar
06/30/2011 04:02
Big fan of ur FW dread mate
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Gorgontech's Avatar
06/14/2011 15:10
Very nice i must say. 5/5 for great paint job
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Bane_of_Kings's Avatar
06/09/2011 11:14
Wow. That looks amazing .
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05/31/2011 07:16
nice idea, kicking army visually
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