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The Purge CSM Warhammer 40k 1000
» The Purge
This army is designed for anti MEq armies because of the defiler.
My berzerkers are designed to harry there flanks, & draw heavy weapons away from my defiler while he walks forward blasting at marines whilst my DP (soon to get) attacks heavily armoured units like terminators. I also have a termie sorcerer some noise/plague maimed & a unit of possessed who I can't be bothered to paint. I am so successful in this way I have beaten smurfs 7 times with no lossess
» Army Details
This is where I'll put my list I'll field at different events or ones I'm saving up for

[LIST]. 750 pt

W/ Terminator armour, Mk of Slaanesh & a combi-melta
Lash of submition
Chaos Lord
W Twin lightning claws, jump pack, Mk Nurgle, combi-melta
Slaaneshi daemon prince
W/ wings, lash
Nurgle Daemon prince
W/ Wings, warptime

10 CSM
W/ IoCG, Meltagun, Missile Launcher
5 zerkers
W/ Skull champ, PW, meltabombs
In rhino w/ DP
W/ nothing
5 zerkers
W/ as above
5 chosen
W/ meltagun, IoCG ir Khorne

Heavy Support
1 Defiler. 3dccw, reaper autcannon (modelling issues)
1 oblit
» History/Fluff

Refreshed 10/7/11

Latest Battle
» Modelling and Conversion Information
On the dying planet of Skaron , Raxag the Unholy carves of the head of the last Death Skull boy who dared invade there planet he had killed many people to earn .Despite there Destruction of the giant horde they howled there frustration to Grandfather Nurgle as there Sorceror, Dirion the Immortal announces small group had fled the system in a ramshackle vehicle. Denied of their kills they ran rampant &, in a storm of bolts & swings of the chainsword, weeded out the weak. For many years this purging continued till Raxag finally managed to reunite the survivors along with the help of his loyal Deputy Gartron, an aspiring champion who has led his favourite bodygaurd unit of CSM's for many decades since their heresy from the Salamanders chapter.

United Raxag led his small warband in a campaign of murder of the neighbouring systems. Slowly he gained followers from squads divorced from their legion willing to ally with the Lord who proved himself other many campaigns. Very soon he was accompanied by units from the Emperors Children & Death Guard. As well as the Unit of Khorne Bezerkers already allied with him after there Champion Axagor split from the teachings of the primarch of the Salamanders. This new war band coloured their army differently to the legion who Raxag divorced from but kept the name to install fear in the hearts of his adversary.

News of the warbands fame spread galaxy wide attracting the attentions of Typhus. the herald of nurgle and a obliterator that had served muffles chosen for decades. He has only just arrived to support the campaign of terror awakened by Raxag the Unholy. The errant ork WAAAGH that was defeated by Raxag's warhost quickly vanished from priority as a new dawn of slaughter awakened.

Alas, some bad news befalled the Chaos Lord. Dirion announced at his council of war that the very unit of Orks had established a war band to be called ......... . They had captured one of the planets in the sub-sector from a selection of heretical guardsmen. Quickly their empire expanded in the months following till they controlled a the entirety of the sector, so much so Raxag was left surrounded by an ocean of green skins with just a small force so he knew the fight woud not be simple....

In the midst of the Ork menace a new threat emerged from the shadows. A tendril of Behemoth snaked over the worlds held by the errant Orks, killing everything in their wake. After feeding on the remnants of the green skins their attention turned to the war band of the Chaos Marines. Th star-spawn mad planetfall in the ashen wastes of the northern continent to be met by a small outpost which they swiftly anhialatd. They raced southward destroying everything in their path before they met their comeuppance. In a small gulley Dirion led his faithful Berzerkers & their sole Obliterator Into the crucible of battle.

The conflict raged on for days, the disciples of Khorne extracting grevious casualties on the swarms of warriors & gauntswhilat Dirion faced up to the carnafexs & tyrants. After they had clawed their way through the tyranids a feeling Creeped across his Limbs. A flash of light blinded everyone on the field as a Daemon Prince rose up among them as the star spawn fled for their lives.
» Collection
This is where I'll post my collection of miniatures (units in bold & underlined are soon to be brought)

1 Chaos Lord with jump pack & 2x lightning claws
1 Terminator Sorcerer with combi- weapon
1 Typhus, herald of nurgle.
1 slaaneshi prince
5 Chosen
5 possessed (unpainted)
5 Teeminators

11 CSM
10 Berzerkers
6. Noise Marines
7 Plague marines. (unmade or unpainted, except one or two


1 Obliterator
1 Defiler
» Specialisms
I have christened this army 'the Scourge of the Hive Mind' as I've played Nids 6 times, won every game but one & in total, conceived 2 kill points (not including the loss), both in the from of transports, whistle inflicting over 19 unit kills. My Sorceror has killed 4 MC with his force weapon whilst my Berzerkers have been known to swarm over a hive tyrant & hack it to bits as well as being very quick to chop the chittering star spawn into little portions
» Battle Honours
The Undoing of the Giants MkI- 3 confirmed monstrous creature kills before being removed as a casualty
Bane of the Gods- Destroying the Nightbringer (Gift of Chaos)

Bane of the Gods- Destroyed the Nightbringer

Daemon Prince
DreadBane mkII- killing 3 Dreadnoughts in 2 turns. Killing 5 dreads (DethDreads included) before being removed as a casualty.
» Images
  • My aspiring champion from my squad 'the Krakens'
  • My Chaos Lord 'Raxag the Unholy'
  • Typhus, Herald of Nurgle, Host of the destroyer Hive
  • Chaos sorceror
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10/26/2011 02:26
Nice, tight army list.
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
10/24/2011 05:16
It was quite funny...
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Finnfox's Avatar
10/15/2011 14:50
Great army with good fluff story.
Obliterator and Sorceror killed Nightbringer? Wow :O
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Finnboy11's Avatar
09/24/2011 02:33
Well painted army! :D
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
09/15/2011 13:24
I know how you feel how you feel. My older brother is Kiro the Avenger! (of course im much better than him!)
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chaos_warrior_marine's Avatar
09/08/2011 08:42
By the way Defi...

"Seems like a perfect place to put it so it appears to be a avatar war between SMCaptain88 & Chaos Warrior Marine! I much prefer CWM's as it looks far cooler as the man recoils but mainly the gun has a higher fire rate :D"

Of course there is a war between our avatars... He is my littlebrother! xD

(And before I forget: Great army you got here! I like it! :D)
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