6th army of isha (Sands of Wraith)

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1. 6th army of isha (Sands of Wraith)
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6th army of isha (Sands of Wraith) Tomb king Warhammer 2683
» 6th army of isha (Sands of Wraith)
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king Sertep

high liche Somentep Beholder of the casket

high liche omkerra summoner of the gods


herald to the king Heru Tekkarra

liche of the everlasting sand Amon Tekka

liche of the underworld Apaep Nefferatii

liche of the radiant sun Sacmis


6th regiment of the asp 20 skeletal archers

32nd advanced detachment of Oristep
10 skeletal light archer horsemen

2nd honorary division of Seteps undying legion
12 cavalry division


Artes tomb scorpion

13the division of the gods 4ushabti

Heru`s swarm of the dead 5tomb swarms

Nefferatii`s flock of the underworld 7 carrion


3rd battlement of the sands unetep screaming skull catapult

Heceffera necrotitan with hand weapons
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