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I tried to do something a bit different with my exarches. Originally I was going for a court of the young king from the craftworld eldar codex. I had the karandras model, a converted drazzar and I was working on another couple of ideas before I changed the army to a swordwind one.

Karandras is still one of my favourite models ive painted. Personally I think that the bright colour scheme brings out details that are often lost on ' normal' coloured ones. He is painted in the standard guardian colours, but a little bit better (he does have more detail than the plastics anyway).

Striking Scorpion Drazzar was actually not my idea. I 'borrowed' it from another player in my store, but he never made it. his chain blades come from his backpack, and his blade hands were reused on another model in the army (first one to find it gets +rep!). The only thing he was truely lacking was a decent spirit stone..
» Army Details
My biggest problem with making an army has always been that I paint each model like its a character and after a while I get bored with one colour scheme.

So, why do I like eldar? Well I can make a low model count army (tick!) and each squad is a different colour (tick!).

So, I still failed to finish it...

this army was started around 2002 although my first eldar models/army are from about 1990. I started trying to paint an imperial fist army, and, although I liked the colour scheme, I didnt want to paint 50+ marines as it took too long. So that army became my crimson fist army and I tried out my colour scheme on some guardians and it all went from their.
» History/Fluff
Obviously each aspect warrior unit has its own colours, but the basic colours of the craftworld are yellow body suits and purple/blue 'metals'. Almost all the wraithbone is done in a 'bone effect', exept where I thought this wouldnt work well (mainly the banshees).

The yellow body suit was made using the old inks. I havent tried to reproduce it recently using the newer washes, but Im sure I will manage. All the guardians are sprayed white, then have 2 heavy yellow ink washes. On top of the yellow ink wash is a brown wash, originally I used 'flesh wash', but later I used a watered down brown ink as they changed the flesh wash colour.
The yellow is then built up again using sunburst yellow, and then one or two sunburst+white hightlights.

Blue/purple metals - I call them 'metals' but I realise they are infact all wraithbone. Their is a differentiation on the models of the 'armour' wraithbone, which is the bit I have done blue, and the mechanical underbelly parts, which I will describe below.
The blue is I think regal blue, but again, they changed the exact colour mid way through doing the army, so I lost track a bit and had to mix it to get it right. Rather than inking the entire model, like I would do with a single figure, I used black ink in all the groves and around any raised bumps, I then touched it up with the blue. I then choose 3 lighter blues (ultramarine, enchanted and space wolf grey) to give the highlights. I chose to do those highlights only on the corners, rather than trying to blend it across those blasted smooth canopies.

Wraithbone - this was done by drybrushing. The idea was to make it look like 'bone' and give it a different 'texture' to the rest of the models which are blended or line highlighted. It is the different 'browns' drybrushed up to bleached bone.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
This was a very interresting painting technique that I went with because it 'felt right'. I didnt like the 'bone' coloured banshees that I often see, mostly because it clashed with my wraithbone colours (which I didnt end up replicating on the banshees!).

The banshees are undercoated white, and then have 2 coats of red ink. Using very very thin (about 5 water to 1 paint) white I slowly built up in layers the white 'sheen' they have. This is stupidly time consuming...

People keep asking why the swords are plain black. Well they are heavily gloss varnished, which seems to work really well on the model, but doesnt come out in photos. I wanted the very plain colour as a good counter point to the very bright body suits.
» Images
  • Farseer
  • Windrider Chieftain
  • Alternative Karandras
  • Striking Scorpion Exarch Drazzar
  • Scorpion Exarch
  • Banshee Squad
  • Old Banshee
  • Dire Avengers
  • Jetbikes
  • Eldar Drea.... erm Wraithlord
  • Waveserpent
» Comments
KBelleau's Avatar
02/17/2012 14:26
Great paint jobs, I really like the DireAvengers.
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Finnfox's Avatar
10/15/2011 14:29
WOW :O Totally awesome work with the painting!
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cpt.Octavian's Avatar
08/24/2011 14:49
i have same problem of painting everything like it was a character. i agree with king field those are awesome avengers
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Kingfield's Avatar
08/01/2011 13:35
Those Dire Avengers are incredible, im currently painting a squad and I wish they looked even close to that.
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Poomba's Avatar
06/30/2011 04:06
Nice mate - my Mrs wants pink banshees now - damn u
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Jubble's Avatar
05/30/2011 12:51
Very pretty, well described. Good work, Maidel.
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Maidel's Avatar
05/19/2011 17:53
GW LOVES big weapons - they are bigger than the eldar tend to go with however (unless you are talking about the dark eldar incubi who have massive weapons...) so I do see where you are comming from. Hes not really a model I use - I dont actually have 2 squads of scorpions so hes fairly redundant now.
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Stephen_Newman's Avatar
05/18/2011 15:05
It looks really good man! I am a big fan of all things Eldar and I like Karandras painted in yellow. Its different and yet does'nt look out of place.

However being nitpicky I think that the Drazzer conversion looks a little weird. Mainly because the weapons look so freakin big!
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Maidel's Avatar
05/16/2011 14:13
Thanks very much. To answer a few things:

1) I actually tried the 'whole edge' highlighting - I hated it, especially on the bikes. The effect on the wave serpent is better than I could have ever hoped for.

2) Each unit is done not only in a different colour, but a different technique. The bikes and wave serpent are edge highlighted, the banshees are my own weird watered down paint effect, the dire avengers are blended and then heavily inked, the main yellow armour is normal bending highlights and finally the scorpions are dry brushed. So basically its a love/hate thing - some people will appreciate how different units are done. Personally I think the scorpions are weakest and the banshees are best - but I am sure others will have different ideas.

3) The metallic arms were a 'compromise'. I had already decided on the dry brushed bone colour for my wraithbone. However I really didnt want to do that on the arms of the banshees, it simply didnt go with their over all paint style and I was also worried it would be too similar to the pink/white that the rest of them are. Im not entirely unhappy with it either so I completely understand your point.
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Kreuger's Avatar
05/11/2011 11:35
I dig the blue yellow theme. It's well executed.

In particular the edge highlighting is a nice change. People usually highlight the whole edge, I like the selective highlighting, its interest - like energy is zipping along those seams in the armor. The Avengers are strong as well, but it looks like the blending is better on them than the drazzar conversions and the scorpion exarch - or the photo isn't as close - it's a little hard to tell.

The pink and blue banshees mostly work, I think. The metallics arm guards look out of place on the Eldar, where almost everything is supposed to be wraithbone anyway.

Heh, the Eldar dreadnought has a special place in my heart. It was the 2nd 40k mini I bought after the old beakie box.

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