12th Kalvador forge expeditionary force

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1. 12th Kalvador forge expeditionary force
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12th Kalvador forge expeditionary force Imperial guard Warhammer 40k 750
» 12th Kalvador forge expeditionary force
The 12th Kalvador expeditionary force is tasked with finding and retrieving ancient mechanicus artifacts, from designs to working prototypes, the high priests of Kalvador have requested them and so shall have them to further their work for the Omnissiah.

The force is Logged in the Imperial records as the 1st Kalvador Battlefleet, Its purpose to defend the forge world and her moons, but this is just to hide its true purpose from inquisitive eyes as the artifacts retrieved are not always untainted, or human for that matter. The expeditionary force comprises of everything required to ensure the completion of their missions, from basic skitarii ground troops and armoured support to the battlefleet that carries them from warzone to warzone, compirsing of several forgeships to ensure even longer expeditions can be carried out.

The current expedition commander is High Priest Nathros, a skilled veteran both in the forges and on the battlefield. In his century of command he has seen 122 artifacts delivered back to the forges of Kalvador and countless victories over those who stood in his way. The advanced technologies of the mechanicum lend an advantage over other races, allowing the expeditionary force to quickly overwhelm opposition and leave no trace of their passing.

Pitty the fool who stands in their way, for they shal not
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Company Command squad
2 Flamers
Vox caster
Chimera transport with 2 heavy flamers



Veteran squad
lascannon team

Veteran squad
2 Meltaguns
Autocannon team
Vox caster
Grenadiers Doctrine
Chimera transport with 2 heavy flamers

Fast Attack

2 armoured sentinels
plasma cannons

Heavy support

Leman Russ battle tank
Heavy bolter sponsons
Extra armour
» History/Fluff
command squad

Here are also some additional views of the chimera freehand

» Modelling and Conversion Information
none yet, but I have some ideas planned for some combat servitors (ogryns) and potentially some sniper drones (ratlings)
» Troops
Skitarii squad

Armoured fist skitarii squad

» Fast Attack
Armoured sentinels

The second sentinel still needs painting and the base of the first one will be repainted to match the infantry soon too
» Heavy Support
Leman russ

The main cannon is magnetised so other weapons can be sloted in, these pictures are reasonably old when the tank wasn't completely painted, but it is the same tank

I also have 3 other leman russ's, all of whch were given to me in their current state and I plan to strip and repaint them at some point in the future

My next project is going to be another counts as leman russ conversion, using a defiler kit to make some sort of kabal machine but with legs (as in the kabal machine from mechanicum by Grahem McNeill)
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07/06/2013 11:06
Fantastic army, and I'm a fan of your fluff behind it. Great work!
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 06:05
Nice army. Can this be used as a mechanicus skiitari legion?
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Shanny2's Avatar
09/07/2011 01:35
Great job i love your work
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/15/2011 23:20
awsome idea i love the thought of tech guard you should try modeling skiarti
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Ice9172's Avatar
06/26/2011 17:36
Nice looking army keep going
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
06/11/2011 07:00
Epic lemans plus love the auto cannon HWT
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GreatUncleanOne's Avatar
06/09/2011 12:12
Great army btw! have always been tempted with a similar army (hence a 1400pt vostroyan infantry) but am very daunted of ever painting it. And not too sure on vehicles.

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