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Vior'la Mudstorm cadre Tau Warhammer 40k 1500
» Vior'la Mudstorm cadre
The silent sound of the engines hummed in his ears as he and his team sat in the transport.
"We are there soon. Stealthsuits should have opened the fire already when you arrive. Your goal is to cause as much damage as you can to the ork troops and get out of there before they counterattack. Kroots will hold them up if they come too close. Our commander Shas'O Vior'la Or'es Shi is there to lead you and sniper drones will offer you covering fire. You don't have to worry about heavy targets. Hammerhead has taken it's position already and will destroy them."
"Get ready team!"

A small fire warrior team checked up their weapons and prepared themselves for the awaiting bloodbath. This was a small mission compared to the big fight that was up far away from them. This strike was planned many days ago and everybody had gotten clear instructions about it. They were all ready.

"What if we don't win?" asked one of the fire warriors. Shas'Ui turned to him and said:
"They may be many but we will win. For our weapons are better and we have the element of surprise on our side. Don't doubt the result of this fight Shas'La. If you do your job, then we are one step closer to victory. For the Greater Good!"
» Army Details
I've got a few models that are not included in this list, so the force composition may var.


Commander 140pt
- Shas'O, airbursting fragmention projector, plasma rifle, shield generator, HW multi-tracker

Commander 154pt
- Shas'O, fusion blaster, missile pod, shield generator, Hw multi-tracker, HW drone controller, 2x Gun Drone


Stealth team 92pt
- 3x Shas'ui with fusion blaster


Fire Warrior team 235pt (135pt without Devilfish)
- 11x Shas'la with pulse carbine, Shas'ui with pulse carbine and bonding knife
- Devilfish troop carrier (100pt) with flechette discharger, target lock, and targeting array

Fire Warrior team 180pt
- 11x Shas'la, Shas'ui with bonding knife, markerlight, HW multi-tracker, Hw drone controller, and Marker Drone

Kroot Carnivore squad 105pt
- 11x Kroot, Shaper

-Heavy Support-

Hammerhead gunship 170pt
- Railgun, burst cannons, target lock, disruption pod, flechette discharger

Sniper Drone Team 80pt

-Allied Detachment: Eldar- (340pt)

Farseer 168pt
- Singing spear, runes of warding, runes of witnessing, spirit stones, doom, guide, mind war

Dire Avengers 172pt
- 9x Dire Avenger, Exarch with diresword and shuriken pistol, Defend, and Bladestorm

» History/Fluff
- I haven't counted my victory/lose ratio, but I can tell it's better than I have expected ;) -

I have played quite a few games with varying compositions, missions and allies. I have played even 5v5 matches. I just got my 1500p army assembled, so I'm getting myself familiar with Eldar as allies.

In a tau & space wolves vs. necron & chaos space marines match I held the line long enough for the space wolves to phase out the necrons on the right flank and the chaos marines on the left flank ended up chasing my stealth suits.

My only 1v1 match was against orks. I won it barely. Only kroots and devilfish survived. Kroots were really handy. I should have sent them against the deffkoptas though, because I realised too late how good kroots are against them. Instead the deffkoptas ran free and killed my battlesuit HQ...

Two 2v1 with Chaos against Space Wolves... I had 800p army and combined it with 1200p chaos army to match 2000p space wolves army. Combination of Tau firepower and Chaos melee units has been great but against metal hard Space Wolves elite squads the lack of heavy weaponry has proven to be a really bad thing. Space Wolves literally marched from another table edge to another. Hammerhead has done really badly by rolling 1s a lot and failing to kill the venerable dreadnought quickly enough. My sniper drone team has continuously found itself as a target of plasma cannons and been destroyed or running off from the table. I need more battlesuits with heavy weapons. I need something to match the thick armour of the Space Wolves. The best moment in these battles was my fire warrior team killing one battle leader terminator resulting the rest of the terminator squad running off and letting the team free to capture the objective. Too bad this also left my fire warrior team in the open (was the last team left in the game ) and as a target of two grey hunters and a long fang squad. With my Hammerhead badly damaged it seemed more than reasonable to give up.

I have also played 1v1 against Imperial Guard. Although my kroots were literally wiped out and fire warriors suffered heavy losses without dealing any back, my Shas'O armed with pulse rifle (should have armed it with missile launcher) and Airbursting fragmention projector dealt the whole imperial army. He leaped from cover to open and back again dealing heavy damage and won the game for me.

A small tournament with my friends has gone well so far with 3 wins in a row and not a single loss. The mobility of my army is surprising.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Crisis battlesuits! I need two more. 4 battlesuit teams with single battlesuit in each can give a great punch. I'm also thinking about adding broadsides and maybe a bit more fire warriors.

I've got 1500p already though, so when I finish painting these guys I could proceed to painting an IG diorama...
» Painting
My army is currently painted with green-black-white-red style but hammerhead, two fire warriors and sniper drones are unpainted. When they are ready, I'm going to paint my whole army again with Vior'la style.

Currently one miniature painted with Vior'La theme

I've also been experiementing with a mix of my two previous styles added with heavy washing and weathering effects. I think I'll keep using that theme for the rest of my army as it's faster and better looking.
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