501st Cadian Battle Tank Bataillon

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1. 501st Cadian Battle Tank Bataillon
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501st Cadian Battle Tank Bataillon Imperial Guard Warhammer 40k -
» 501st Cadian Battle Tank Bataillon
Bataillon with a strong inter-branch tradition, the 501st CTB is, as its name suggests, from Cadia and participated many times in defense of the Cadian Gate. It currently belongs to the army of General-Commander Hernest Von Hermin who fights to win back the system of Bel Alphagor.

Currently, the Regiment fight on the 5th planet with an arid climate and has large expanses of desert where remain rare oasis. The bataillon competes fiercely with the Big Boss Gourk the "Desert Fox" and his terrible OrkaKorps.

Highly mechanized and with a significant logistical support, the regiment is perfectly suited to the open environment of the planet. Despite this, Colonel Montgomery met so far with little success in the conquest of the main continent but it is about to launch a major offensive called Agile Foot.

The regiment is supported by a few titans (1 Warlord, 3 and 4 Reavers Warhound) of Legio Honorum and a household of Knights from the Beaumaris family. It also includes a detachment of veterans skitarii and some Techno-adepts looking for a mysterious artifact on the planet and only the Emperor knows what it is.
» Army Details
So here you can see pics of my army.


I will add soon final pics of the units. But give a try to the link as you will see my WIP and finished models.
» History/Fluff
In its initial configuration, the regiment has:

_ A logistic company in charge of supplying the entire regiment equipped with chimeras and logistical trailers
_ A maintenance company equipped notably with Centaurs
_ A headquarters company whose role is to provide communications support and administrative resources, it also forms the Staff of the regiment. It is equipped with a Leviathan and a Mjolnir, Montgomery's personnal super-heavy tank
_ 2 reconnaissance companies equipped with Salamanders tanks and sentinels
_ 1 company of shock troopers
_ 10 mechanized infantry companies of 150 men each
_ 10 companies of 10 Leman Russ and variants each
_ 2 superheavy tank companies
_ 3 artillery companies
_ 1 support company of antiaircraft Hydra tanks
_ 1 ten-strong Valkyrie and vendetta aircrafts squadron

The regiment received the support of several other entities of the Imperial Guard:
_ 3 companies of the 8th Vaxorian
_ Health support in the form of a campaign hospital still from the 8th Vaxorian
_ The equivalent of 2 abhumans companies (nobody knows what regiment they come: the ogryns have forgotten or never knew and ratlings can't say a word about it)
_ Specialized support Hellhounds tanks of the 4th Vaxorian Regiment

It receives support from the Navy in the form of:
_ 3 squadrons of Marauders
_ 3 squadrons of Thunderbolts
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Well, Ministorum got the duty to clarify what are the reinforcements needed to go further to the campaigns.

So the results are :
210 out 574 minis are painted (37% completed).
4300 pts out 9500 pts (lower calculation) are playable.
» Owned miniatures
1 astropath
2 Commissar Yarrick (classical mini and up-to-date mini)
1 Lord Stellar Macharius
1 Master of ordnance
1 Nork Dedog
1 Fleet officer
1 Standard bearer
6 Ministorum priest
2 Psyker Primaris
1 technaugure
5 Technaugure servitors
2 medic
1 Marbo
13 ogryn
6 assessed psykers
15 ratling
7 Shock trooper
1 Shock trooper meltagun
2 Shock trooper sgt
108 catachans
8 commissars
7 autocanon team
4 heavy bolter team
5 las canon team
7 missile launcher team
3 mortar team
65 penal legionairs
19 meltagun bearer
178 lasgun bearer
6 flamer bearer
6 grenade launcher bearer
18 plasmagun bearer
16 radio bearer
33 Sergent / officer
1 Hellhound
2 Sentinel with AutoCanon
2 Valkyrie
3 Demolisher
1 Griffon self-propeled mortar
3 Leman Russ
1 Manticore
1 Leman Russ variants
6 Chimera
1 Baneblade
1 Shadsword
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10/18/2011 06:27
Pictures please!
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cpt.Octavian's Avatar
08/24/2011 19:02
that is an awesome army tanks tanks and more tanks would be nice to see some pictures though
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/15/2011 23:27
my friend stoped playing his guard and he give his to me i already have a squad of storm troopers for my demon hunters but now i can collect guard MUhahahahahahahahaha
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
07/03/2011 13:02
Why would you need two Yarricks?
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Finnfox's Avatar
06/20/2011 13:04
HUH :O So many tanks! ... 2 Commissar Yarrick? XD Great army :D
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silversurfer's Avatar
06/18/2011 01:21
Hey dudes !

GreatUncleanOne : I started IG back in 1994 so I had time to collect all of those minis ^^

LukeValantine : you can see some pics in one of my thread or on my blog (in french language ...).


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GreatUncleanOne's Avatar
06/09/2011 12:22
A bloody good army you have there!! Wish I had the time and money to do that with my guard army. man it sucks to need a full time job that rends your soul
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LukeValantine's Avatar
06/08/2011 12:57
My god were are all the pictures of endless waves of tank! inquiring minds need to know.
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