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1. Grey Knights
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Grey Knights Grey Knights Warhammer 40k 1596
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Grand master Mordrak
4 x Ghost knights

Inquisitor Coteaz
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I can take the purifiers down to 5 men and death cults down to 10 to drop the points cost to 1494. But long term aim is to up the purifiers to 10 man, death cults to 12 then add a couple extra paladins to the 5 man squad to get a 2k points list.

Basic idea behind the list is Mordrak and ghost knights use his First to the fray to appear behind enemy lines and if the enemy tanks are grouped together use some his MC daemon hammer and another ghost knight DH to take the tanks out.

Purifiers and Death cults will ride up fast in the rhinos and get into CC as fast as possible to take out troops.

Paladins are my seek and destroy unit that go for enemy HQ or elites.

Terminator unit are objective holders.

Techmarine is my anti armour/long range with his orbital strike relay and conversion beamer so he will hide in a building. Maybe put the termies between him and the enemy if they decide to make a charge at him. Not saying using 5 termies as body guard, just same area of the board.
» History/Fluff
5 x Paladins
  • 1 x Incinerator
  • 2 x Halberd
  • 1 x Daemon hammer

1 x Techmarine
  • Conversion beamer
  • Orbital strike relay

8 x Purifiers
  • 2 x Psycannon
  • 2 x Halberd
  • 1 X MC Daemon hammer
» Modelling and Conversion Information
5 x Terminators
  • 1 x Incinerator

12 x Death cult assassins
» Transport
2 x Rhino's (1 for death cults and the other for purifiers)
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jaysen's Avatar
10/21/2011 09:36
Need some pictures, man.
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777swappamag777's Avatar
08/28/2011 18:14
grey knights cant have cyclone missle launchers and whats your paint scheme bolt gun meatl is great and all but i found on my termies that adeptus battle grey stands out more and makes the other matailic surfaces pop as well
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MidnightKid333's Avatar
04/20/2011 16:27
sounds good, be sure to give the terminators cyclone missile launchers if you can
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