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Hive Fleet Gorgon- Tech Tendril Tyranid Warhammer 40k 3500
» Hive Fleet Gorgon- Tech Tendril
HQ- Hive Tyrant with- Lash Whip, Bone Sword, Stranglethorne Cannon, Implant Attack, Acid Blood and Armored Shell. (260)
Retinue- 2 Tyrant Guards- barebones (120)
Troops- 6 Warriors With- Death Spitters, Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands. (270)
Troops- 40 Genestealers (560)
Troops- 40 Termagaunts (200)
Troops- 40 Hormagaunts with Toxin Sacs (320)
Elites- 6 Hive Guards (300)
Elites- 3 Zoanthropes (180)
Elites- Death Leaper (140)
Fast Attack- 30 Gargoyles- barebones (180)
Heavy Support- 3 Carnifex with Bio Plasma and Regeneration (615)
Heavy Support- Trygon Prime with Regeneration (265)
Heavy Support- 2 Biovores (90)
» Army Details
Another small(ish) Apocalypse force.
I know this name is taken in the codex but there is no color scheme yet out for it so i took it over.
(Subject to change)

This Tendril of Hive Fleet Gorgon was the least adaptive. It only encountered a former Kroot world in which it devoured in one wave. It joined with the remnants of Hive Fleet Ophidia and intrestingly Ophidia changed its colors and joined to the will of the Hive Mind under Gorgon's Hive Tyrants. These tyranids are nasty to every degree. they have speciallized troops to deal Massive amounts of damage to all forms of enemy units.
» History/Fluff
Tyrant usually sticks with the Hormagaunts. This allows for a little extra.. punch to the combat. Warriors stick with Termagants and they reduce enemies to dust while hiding in cover if available. Zoanthropes follow the trygon. this group being the "biggest threat" will be aimed at the most allowing for hormagaunts and tyrant to reach the lines when the trygon goes into assault.
Hive guards snipe vehicles. Biovores keep them hiding. Gargoyles beeline through this cover into the enemy snipers or other annoying support. Genestealers poke thier dirty noses into outflank hopefully aiding the correct side. And the deathleaper. those flesh hooks eat at any commanding unit quite effectively and sometimes goes to fight the terminators.
Carnifex with the bio plasma eat units like termies up and also small tanks.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
HQ- Flyrant- Tyrant with Wings, Hive Commander, Old adversary, Toxic Miasma, Scything Talons and Lash whip/Bonesword
Elites- 3 Hive Guard (150)
Elites- 3 Zoanthrope in Mycetic Spore w/ Stinger Salvo (230)
Elites- 3 Venomthropes (165)
Troops- 9 Warriors w/ Scything talons, rending claws, adrenal glands (315)
Troops- 40 Hormagaunts w/ Toxin Sacs (320)
Troops- 40 Termagaunts and 2 mycetic spores (Barebones) (280)
Fast Attack- 6 raveners w/ Scything talons and Rending Claws (210)
Fast Attack- 60 Gargoyles w/ Toxin Sacs (420)
Heavy Support- 2 Carnifex w/ Regeneration, Bio Plasma and Adrenal Glands (430)
Heavy Support- Trygon Prime w/ Regeneration and Adrenal Glands (275)
Heavy Support- 2 Mawloc w/ Regeneration and Adrenal Glands (410)
» Tactica
So far with this list my Flyrant and my gargoyles get to the enemy and tear up almost everything.
Mawlocs disrupt everything left alive on turns 2 4 and sometimes 6
Trygon eats and takes a lot of shots while mycetic spores bring the bulk of my shooters.
Hormagaunts follow up on the Flyrant and eat straglers
Venomthropes provide excellent cover and warriors try to keep up on synapse with the gaunts.
Carnifex is just for small groups and small tanks big unit= scary and gets shot at.
Raveners are fun to use and i like to eat snipers with them.
» Working on a very very shooty list.
Will update it when i get it perfected.
» Misc.
Feel free to ask questions or for my suggestion on things as i play against almost every army (not Dark Eldar or Tau) constantly. Comments/critique are needed and make me a better player.
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