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Unborn of Vargul Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k -
» Unborn of Vargul
HQ: 1 Winged Daemon Prince
HQ: 1 Khorne Lord (Power Armor)
HQ: 1 Undivided Sorcerer/Lord (Power Armor)
HQ: 1 Terminator Lord
HQ: 2 Jump Sorcerers

Elites: 28 Khorne Berzerkers
Elites: 10 Rubric Marines
Elites: 5 Chaos Terminators
Elites: 1 Chaos Dreadnought
Elites: 5 Chaos Sacred (Possessed)

Troops: 55 Chaos Space Marines
Troops: 4 Chaos Rhinos
Troops: 10 Daemonettes of Slaanesh

Fast Attack: 5 Warp Talons
Fast Attack: 15 Raptors

Heavy Support: 1 Chaos Land Raider
Heavy Support: 1 Chaos Defiler
Heavy Support: 2 Chaos Vindicators
» Army Details
This is a custom Chaos Space Marine renegade chapter based solely around the "Socharis Dynasty" icon by Hangar-8 on this website for additional banners and icons for Dawn of War

» History/Fluff
The Unborn of Vargul are a Khorne and Tzeentch dedicated warband that also accept the aid of Nurgle and Slaanesh when the time is necessary. Therefore you'll expect to see a nice amount of Berzerkers and Rubric Marines out on the battlefield. The Chapter long after the Heresy went renegade and dedicated to Chaos with their Third Company Captain Vargul, but not all "fell". The 8th and 9th Companies, which so happened to be the Assault and the Tank Companies split and broke away from each other joining other Chapters. Unfortunately this has made the Unborn of Vargul very "underfunded" in terms of jump infantry and mechanical support. Chief Librarian (now Sorcerer Lord) Argus finds the use of "metal boxes" cowardly and says to the Unborn that the strong do not need to hide. As such, the Unborn of Vargul usually do not take many tanks to battle, and prefer an all out foot force. Though when they march to battle, they do bring Rhino transports and Vindicator support, should tides of marines not be enough to overwhelm the enemy, along with Warp Talon allies they have recently requisitioned.

Through promises of helping them reclaim their home world, the Unborn of Vargul has become close to permanent allies with the renegades known as the "Sons of Malice", and have chosen to ally themselves with the Emperor's Children legion as well.
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  • Berzerker Rhino
  • Undivided Chaos Lord/Sorcerer
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