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1. Brotherhood "Chaos Requiem"
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Brotherhood "Chaos Requiem" Grey Knights Warhammer 40k 3000
» Brotherhood "Chaos Requiem"
:: Grand Master Pavius' Service Record ::
» Army Details
::: Brotherhood Roster :::

:: Command Squad Psi ::
Grand Master Pavius
Librarian Aristo
Champion Kiron
Paladin Validus
Paladin Demas
Paladin Zoello
Paladin Myron
Paladin Gaius
Crusader-Class Land Raider "Tethys"

:: Purifier Squad Theta ::
Zenas of the Flame
Purifier Neiander
Purifier Isidore
Purifier Orestes
Purifier Dymas
Purifier Rhodes
Purifier Cyril
Purifier Attis
Purifier Hamon
Purifier Yannis

:: Terminatus Squad Chi ::
Justicar Tarasios
Terminator Cyrano
Terminator Eryx
Terminator Sofronio
Terminator Anker
Terminator Zelotes
Terminator Doron
Terminator Gyles
Terminator Makis
Terminator Panos

:: Terminatus Squad Phi ::
Justicar Bacchus
Terminator Taddeo
Terminator Michiel
Terminator Ioannes
Terminator Xanthus
Terminator Juels
Terminator Eros
Terminator Aeneas
Terminator Leander
Terminator Rasmus

:: Strike Squad Tau ::
Justicar Laertes
Knight Admes
Knight Jace
Knight Soterios
Knight Zarek
Knight Minos
Knight Chon
Knight Esidor
Knight Aetos
Knight Lex
Rhino-Class Transport "Crius"

:: Strike Squad Rho ::
Justicar Theron
Knight Erebus
Knight Avram
Knight Stavros
Knight Dione
Knight Lucas
Knight Tomo
Knight Alister
Knight Klaus
Knight Belen
Rhino-Class Transport "Theia"

:: Interceptor Squad Pi ::
Justicar Lykaios
Knight Rastus
Knight Zeth
Knight Darius
Knight Alcander
Knight Mitho
Knight Tibalt
Knight Erastus
Knight Corban
Knight Philo

:: Interceptor Squad Xi ::
Justicar Bastiaan
Knight Dariel
Knight Maron
Knight Zefirino
Knight Argus
Knight Galen
Knight Feodore
Knight Theon
Knight Cadmus
Knight Athan

:: Purgation Squad Nu ::
Justicar Vasilios
Knight Solon
Knight Zotico
Knight Tymon
Knight Eneas
Knight Chiron
Knight Adeipho
Knight Melech
Knight Bemus
Knight Proteus
Razorback-Class Transport "Leto"
Razorback-Class Transport "Asteria"

:: Dreadnought Iota ::
Brother-Captain Thanos

:: Dreadnought Eta ::
Justicar Andreus

:: Dreadnought Zeta ::
Justicar Zenon

:: Nemesis Dreadknight Sigma ::
Champion Aigaios
» History/Fluff
Previous Battle Records (Victory/Retreat/Stalemate)
Standard Games: 8/2/2
Kill Teams: 5/1/-

(From now on I'll try to post battle reports when my friends and I play, which will go here.)
» Brotherhood Armoury
Brotherhood "Chaos Requem" Project Log

(Pictured below are varied Sisters of Battle and Henchmen models I haven't made threads for.)
» Images
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 07:04
Very nice army! Those are some true gray Grey Knights.
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abitterbuffalo's Avatar
04/04/2011 02:01
As you can see, I started uploading photos of my models. I apologize for the poor lighting on the Dread, for some reason it came out a lot darker in some of the pictures. I'll take some better shots and get them posted.
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Jubble's Avatar
04/02/2011 18:22
Let's see some pics!
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