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Imperial Fleet Empire Battlefleet Gothic 23000
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The Fleet contains the following ships :

2x Apocalypse BS (1 Modular)
4x Retribution BS (3 Modular)
2x Emperor BS (2 Modular)
1x Oberon BS (1 Modular)
6x Battle Barge BS (2 Modular)
1x Vengance GC (1 Modular)
1x The Nicor GC
3x Overlord BC
3x Dominion BC (1 Modular)
3x Mars BC (3 Modular)
6x Armageddon BC (4 Modular)
5x Luna CR (2 Modular)
1x Tyrant CR
8x Dominator CR (5 Modular)
4x Gothic CR (2 Modular)
8x Dictator CR (2 Modular)
6x Dauntless LC
4x D. System Carrier LC
19x Strike Cruiser LC
13x Gladius FR
12x Nova FR
17x Firestorm FR
8x Sword FR
3x Falchion FR
20x Hunter DE
13x Cobra DE
All together without Admirals, refits, whatsoever roughly 23K in Points
The Number of "Modulars" mean Ships fitted with Magnets so I can vary thier Armament / Shipclass.
AFAIK this is the WW biggest combined Imperial Fleet with one owner.
(New Pictures will follow)
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My combined Imperial Fleet. Space Marines and IN together roughly 23000 points strong. (Admirals and soch not included) I once started painting all ships in the same pattern because of the rule for using Imperial escorts in a Space Marine Fleet. Because if all ship have the same pattern, so I can use them for both Fleets. IN and SM. After a while I collected enought ships to support both fleets with, but i got so much used to that colors so I decided to stick with it. ByI recently decided, the "White / yellow / red" ships are noumerous enought so I started with another pattern. Black with gold (Hammers of Dorn like) As I propably have the entire Imperial Fist Chaoters Fleet together allready. Anyway. Also here, (like with the Chaos Fleet) you can see some red dots on the bases. These say the ship is modular with magnet to allow refitting.
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10/23/2011 23:36
hehe. actualy I bought most of my ships from E-bay to be honest. And what you see there is not up to date. Im currently painting like a madman (because of the big game incomming) and when I made "enought" progress, Ill post new Pictures.
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10/21/2011 10:02
I think I have a Battle Barge, 3 strike cruisers, and about 6 escort frigates.
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10/21/2011 10:01
Good god, another one? Lemme guess, you bought out a store of all their BFG?
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