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Tash'var Cadre
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Quase's Epic Armies Space Wolves, Nurgle Space Marines and Orks Epic Armageddon 20000
» Quase's Epic Armies
Whirlwind Formation (with a Hunter to provide anti-aircraft support)

Land Speeder formation

Warbike formation

Land Raider formation

Tactical Formation with Hunter

All of the above in one single picture

'Blood Claw' Assault Marines formation


Tactical Formation with DreadNaught and a ThunderHawk for their transport

'Long Fang' Devastator formation in Razorbacks with a Hunter

The Heavy Support : a Warlord Titan

Terminators' formation

2 Warhounds

The Supreme Commander, next to an objective

2 More objectives

The whole army :

» Army Details
Here I will list all of my Epic Armies, up until now Orks and Space Wolves; for my Nurgle Space Marines I have done sofar a whopping one single miniature, and I'm currently in the assembly stages for an Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion.

Orks I've got well over 16K worth of painted figs
Space Wolves I've got 5K of painted units
» History/Fluff
The biggest part of my 16K+ Ork army, on one table...

» Modelling and Conversion Information
Currently I have got only one single finished miniature, but once I get the necessary figs, this will most certainly be expanded into a full army...

Nurgle Death Wheel
» Achievements
I have played quite a number of tournies in the Epic system, but my main problem is that I almost never play outside the tournie-scene for this system.
That means that I've 'won' quite a few Wooden Spoons over the years LOL

Did get one Best Painted for my Orks though...
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Iraqiel's Avatar
10/17/2013 10:30
Great to some epic Epic going! Keep up the good work!
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jaysen's Avatar
10/26/2011 00:33
Bah, can't see the pics! I'd love to get into Epic again, but noone plays in my area. I have been able to get in a few BFG games, though.
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chaos_warrior_marine's Avatar
08/14/2011 01:51
Love that Deathwheel!
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GreatUncleanOne's Avatar
06/21/2011 04:00
Loving the nurgle model!!!! have never gotten into epic because of lack of model choice. although to be fair I haven't checked in a long time.
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Viscount Vash's Avatar
06/01/2011 16:36
Awesome conversion/build on the Nurgle Death Wheel.
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