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So, I've been painting orks for nearly two years now, with the only exceptions being some space hilk mini's, and the odd great model (sanguinor), so i decided to go for a different army all together. Now I used to have Ultramarines (for about 15 years) but couldn't face them again. I don't particularly like overly bright and colourful chapters, and having read a lot of stories and back history, I decided fo go for the sons of Russ.

Has to be said, they're a delight to paint. I'm going with Bran Redmaw's battle company, and sending it mainly close combat orientated. Ate the moment there's only 17 guys and a drop pod painted but my overall aim is:

Wolf Lord
Rune Priest
Wolf Priest
Wolf Guard Battle Leader
Wolf guard (5x terminator armour, 3x power armour)
2 x Wolf Scouts (ten man squads)
Sky Claws (one 15 man squad (I love my stormboyz, these are my equivalent))
4 x Grey hunters in drop pods (an array of melta/plasma/flamer weapons plus usual close combat).
3 x Grey Hunters in rhinos (armed similar to tactical squads, but 2 special weapons)
1 x FW SW dread - assault cannon and power claw

And this is as far as I've got. At the moment I'm reckoning a pair of vindicators and a pair of land raiders, but they're up in the air :-)
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Aye, these are the first lot that I've painted, and yes, there are hideous mould lines, and yes, I have removed them, I'll replace the pics tomorrow when I've repainted the affected areas ;-)
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  • Left to paint (minus some boxed tanks...)
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10/26/2011 01:01
Ultrawolves! whoot! Nice modeling and posing.
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10/17/2011 06:52
Beautiful models! :D Keep up the good work!
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