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Spring Zephyr Gamma Eldar Warhammer 40k 2000
» Spring Zephyr Gamma
Autarch Vondel looked over the information that had been left for him by the Farseer and he did not like what he saw. Several engagements had already been decided, and not one in their favor. Somehow the Farseer had gotten them tangled with a renegade space marine force and the unexpected encounter had left the Eldar forces reeling. It was enough to bring a bitter taste to Vondel's mouth.

That two of the engagements had devolved into stalemates, and that the renegades would be on the same footing as his own forces, was both disheartening and encouraging. These marines, corrupted by the influence of Chaos, had begun to bring deamons into the battle. The Pyre, they styled themselves. Burnt orange armor trimmed in black and heralded by lesser deamons, these barbarians had managed to bring a greater deamon of Chaos out of the warp which allowed the overpowering of the Avatar himself.

The Pyre. A renegade chapter of the Astartes. Specialized in assault of dug-in fortifications and demolitions. Vondel was unaccountably new to his rank, the runes on uniform still unblemished, but he reasoned that if these marines were used to an enemy trapped within it's own defenses, then perhaps placing them on the defensive would be the ideal way to handle them. If not, at least making the monkiegh run ragged trying to tie down an ever moving foe would buy Vondel the time to protect the Farseer while she sought whatever it was that brought them all to this planet.

Signaling to an aide, Vondel had word sent to Baharroth, who was unexpectedly traveling with a small retinue and had attached himself to the Farseer, if only for a short time.
» Army Details
First Detachment

Farseer Tassentier - Fortune, Guide, Spirit Stones

Phoenix Lord Jain Zar

9 Banshee (10 Woman Squad)
-Exarch Alissahma
Wave Serpent w/ Scatter Laser

9 Pathfinders

9 Pathfinders

9 Dire Avengers (10 Man Squad)
-Exarch Abraphall w/ Defend, Blade Storm
Warp Serpent w/ Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack
9 Warp Spiders (10 Man Squad)
-Exarch Karlagan w/ Withdraw

Heavy Support
2 Prism Tanks

4 Dark Reapers (5 Man Squad)
-Exarch Tektalvair w/ Fast Shot, Tempest Launcher
» History/Fluff
Farseer Tassentier watched the dance of the runes spin slowly to the base of her rune mat. Her new autarch had failed to follow her instructions and his troops had paid the price. Almost unopposed, the renegade marines flanking maneuver was moving through the Eldar controlled sections of the city. Keying up local units within her command structure, Tassentier designated the other Phoenix Lord that had accompanied her. Together they would be forced to blunt this flanking force of chaos before more havoc was wreaked upon her battle plan.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Tassentier leaned against the side of the wave serpent as she caught her breath. The pain from her wounds gained from the flamer of the Pyre's tactical marine bit through the pain medications and meditations that has been both applied to her and practiced by herself. They had stopped running now, and the pain flooded over her, buckling her over. Jain Zar rested a comforting hand on her shoulder, gently straightening Tassentier up. Gently done as it was, she still felt her hold on consciousness waver from the pain and her head spin as her breath was taken away even as the Pheonix Lord attempted ensure she could recover from their flight from the chaos marines behind them.

As the rear hatch of the Serpent opened to allow the bone singer to report on the deaths of two more pathfinders, Tassentier looked over the remains of her forces. One of the prism tanks was lost, the other looked as if its lifter mechanisms were about to fail, its cannon dead in its cradle and the crystal shattered. The Dark Reapers who accompanied her had also collapsed from the run, one of their number had fallen and she chided herself on failing to collect his soul stone. In the end, it would fall to a ranger to collect the artifact, Isha willing, be she dead or not.

The Dire Avengers and Banshee were holding up the marines, and Tassentier knew few would return ready for continued battle. As Jain Zar looked on, Tassentier pulled up her comm unit and entered commands. The 'singer worked on the damaged Prism Tank, and the remaining troops fell out of the single undamaged wave serpent. It would have to be at this point the advance of the marines would have be turned and met. The scream of advancing Jet Bikes announced the retinue of Tassentier's warlocks - the first of her reinforcements responding to her earlier distress call. More Avengers, Banshee, and the trademark of her craftworld, Pathfinders, were being maneuvered to her position. Looking around her, it was with a heavy heart she bid the Dark Reapers to hitch a ride on the damaged Prism Tank with the bonesinger and move to a rear position to await her commands. Their place would be taken by the blue and yellow guardians who skillfully maneuvered the artillery unit of D-Cannons into battle formation.

Seeing the farseer steel herself for more combat, Jain Zar returned to her sisters to prepare them for another encounter with the dark forces of Chaos.
» Spring Zepher Gamma Reformed
Far Seer Guide, Eldrich Storm, Spirit Stones
-3 Warlocks on Jet Bikes with Singing Spears, Destructor x2, Conceal

10 Striking Scorpions, Exarch w/Scorpion Claw, Shadowstrike, Stalker

10 Wraith Guard, Warlock w/ Conceal & Singing Spear
5 Pathfinders
3 Jet Bikes, 1 Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack
7 Warp Spiders, Exarch w/ Xtra Death Spinner, Surprise Assault, Withdraw
1 Viper w/Scatter Laser & Shuriken Cannon

Heavy Support
3 D-Cannon, Warlock w/ Conceal
2 Wraith Lords w/ Bright Lance and Shuriken Cannon
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