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Desolators Of Shaantitus Traitor Guard and Mutants Warhammer 40k 10000
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My traitor guard army Project Log
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Traitor guard. Based on the old Eye of terror codex before it was made redundant. The force consists of hordes of traitor guardsmen, mutants and assorted psycotic Despots. It is a hybrid force with a wide selection of armor, artillery, horde and elite units in a wide variety of combinations. So far I have played as footslogger, full mech and hybrid. Models have been sourced from a range of manufacturers. It has been quite successful on occasion but this may be due to me figuring out how to play a little better. There is also a large number of super heavy units for use in apoc games.
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  • Full army shot. Early 2011
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Iraqiel's Avatar
03/16/2014 10:34
Oh ok that looks like a pretty interesting army thumbnai... Wooooooooooow.

Awesome stuff mate, if you ever come holiday in D town hit me up.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 07:38
Now that's an impressive apoc army. Ever tried to play it in a big game? I bet it takes forever to move all those troops.
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/16/2011 13:20
love the mixe og guard regiments and chaosy bitz the tank looks fun to play keep it up
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Anarkitty's Avatar
03/19/2011 17:21
Seconded! I love the massive frak-off tank-mountain-thing!
Looks very cool, wish I could see more detail in the pictures.
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Minizke1's Avatar
03/18/2011 22:31
That tank is HUGE.
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