Tomb Kings

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Tash'var Cadre
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Tomb Kings Tomb Kings Warhammer -
» Tomb Kings
Liche Priest.

Tomb King.

Queen Khalida.
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This is the TK army I started for the 2011 Heresy Army Painting Challenge.

Four Months in and I have no idea how many points I have as the new book is out in May.
» History/Fluff
Spears and Shields.

Light Cavalry.

Bows 1

Chariots 1
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» Rare
Bone Giant.

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Skari's Avatar
03/16/2012 11:56
Looking good.
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hardluck57's Avatar
02/18/2012 17:51
Wow. If I could finish my Necrons, Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, and Crimson Fist armies I'd start a Tomb Kings army.

Great looking models.
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wertypop's Avatar
09/01/2011 13:30
Looking very good.
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Finnfox's Avatar
06/25/2011 11:56
I personally think that the skeletons look specially AMAZING! :D And great work with the other models too!
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TheReverend's Avatar
05/17/2011 15:54
well done with all that gold, you must have some patience!! And that bone giant thingy, awesome!!
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Stephen_Newman's Avatar
04/29/2011 16:10
Some lovely stuff going on here. I look forward to any future units you manage to paint up.
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Doelago's Avatar
04/28/2011 12:39
Nice work on the bone color.
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