1944-45 6th Grenadier Division

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1944-45 6th Grenadier Division wehrmacht Disposable heroes 1000
» 1944-45 6th Grenadier Division
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Grenadier platoon command
MP-44 (sgt), Panzerfaust 60, LMG Team

Grenadier squad
MP-44 (sgt), Panzerfaust 60 (rifle section)

Grenadier Squad
Panzerfaust 60 (rifle section), extra MG-34 (rifle section)

Tiger I

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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 06:18
Interesting color of brown.
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Poomba's Avatar
07/18/2011 04:35
nice mate
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zrolimit's Avatar
03/12/2011 13:59
nicely painted 28mm WWII Germans. really like the overall scheme and the attention to detail. well done sir!
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