Relictors Force - LOADS of good PICS

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Relictors Force - LOADS of good PICS Space Marine 40K 4420
» Relictors Force - LOADS of good PICS
HQ- Force Commander
-Relic Blade
-Jump Pack
-Melta Bombs & Storm Bolter 163pts

Command Squad
-Company Champ
-X3 Vets all with storm shields/Pwr Wpns 275pts

-Chaplain 100pts

-Chaplain Terminator Armour 130pts

-Librarian 100pts

Troops-Tactical Squad
-SGT, Bolt Pistol & Chain Sword
-X5 Marines
-Melta Gun 111pts

Troops-Tactical Squad I
-SGT, Bolt Pistol & Chain Sword
-X5 Marines
-Plasma Gun
Dedicated Transport
-Razorback/Twin linked HVY Bolters
-Hunter Killer Missile
-Storm Bolter
-Dozer Blade 196pts
-Extra Armour

Troops-Tactical Squad II
-SGT, Bolt Pistol & Chain Sword
-X5 Marines
-Melta Gun
-Razorback/Twin Linked HVY Bolters
-Storm Bolter
-Dozer Blade 181pts
-Extra Armour

Troops-Scout Squad
-SGT Telion
-X8 Scouts, with x8 Sniper rifles
-Missile Launcher 188pts
-X8 Camo Cloaks

Fast Attack-Assault Squad
-SGT Bolt Pistol & Power Fist
-X9 Marines
-X2 Flamers
-Melta Bombs 240pts

Fast Attack-Scout Bike Squad
-SGT Bolt Pistol & Power Fist
-X5 Scouts
-X3 Astartes Grenade Launcher 180pts

Fast Attack-Landspeeders
-X2 Landspeeder Hvy Flamer/Multi Melta
-X1 Landspeeder Hvy Bolter/Assault Cannon 230pts

Heavy Support-Devestator Squad
-SGT Bolter
-X5 Marines
-X4 Missile Launchers
-Razorback/Twin Linked Las-Cannon
-Hunter Killer Missile
-Storm Bolter 276pts
-Extra Armour

Heavy Support-Whirlwind
-Hunter Killer Mis
-Storm Bolter 105pts

Heavy Support-Vindicator
-Extra Armour
-Seige Shield
-Storm Bolter 150pts

-Ironclad Dreadnaught
-Hurricane Bolters
-Seismic Hammer with Melta
-x2 Hunter Killer Missiles
-Hvy Flamer
-drop Pod & Locator Beacon 210pts

-Terminator Squad X6
-Sgt/Power wpn
-Hvy Flamer 255pts
Dedicated Transport
-HK Missile
-MultiMelta 275pts
-Extra Armour

-Terminator Assault Squad X7
-Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields 280pts
Dedicated Transport
-Landraider Crusader
-Storm Bolter
-Multi Melta 285pts
-Extra Armour

-SGT + 9 Marines
-2 Melta Guns
-3 Melta Combi's
-2 Plasma Combi's 310pts
-2 storm Bolters
-1 Power Weapon

-Pwr Wpn 65pts
-X5 Servitors
-X2 Hvy Bolters 110pts

» Army Details
I had after a break due to work etc decided to get back into the modelling aspect of the Hobby. I liked the History of the Relictors. And decided to paint some up. I left off most of the Squad marking etc as they appear to be banned, although some purity seals remain, mostly for contrast. The vehicles were are meant to look messy, as the Chapter is vastly under strength I wanted this Army to look like it didnt have the resources or the time to maintain them properly. I've used pigments here for the first time too. some work needed there, but overall not too bad. Used the occassional Chaos weapon too just to show the lack readily avaliable equipment they have. I'm reasonably happy with the out come. I may add a Dreadnought, and some Termies one day. thought I wanted to avoid the use of Elites as I made the assumption that they of likey stayed behind to fight the Grey Knights whilst those that could made a run for it.
» History/Fluff This is a good link. Full of History, and even a Codex. though it might be a bit dated now. Anyone interested in this Chapter is advised to check it out. The Relictors seem to have a growing fan base even with Chapters like the Blood Angels getting all the good toys lol.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
I ended up adding or reconditioning from other projects some Elites to this Army as I had the time. So I have added.
-A Chaplain
-Iron Clad Dreadnaught
-Terminator Squad
And decided that though the Elites did stay behind to fight the Grey Knights, some still managed to get away.
So, ended up adding yet more. Kept getting my butt kicked gaming, mostly due to my poor squad collection, so have ended up adding another Term Squad with Thunder Hammers and a Chaplain. A Landspeeder Squad, and adding 3 more assault Marines to the Assault Squad in the hope that they will last a little longer..... Plan on adding a Drop pod and either 4 more assault Termies or a Stern Guard Squad. Just to bring it up to 3001pts.....

Added the Sternguard in the end, minus 1 Chaplain is a 3000pt Force. Still a little tempted to do a Vanguard and a Command Squad though.....

The Red dude in the Sternguard squad was a bit of a modelling project/character. he's loosely based on Hellboy. And as The Relictors use Chaos to fight Chaos, I thought he was pretty fitting. In game terms, he's just a Marine with Bolter.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/26/2011 00:39
Nice army and thanks for adding all the attachment pics! I'd suggest getting some better lights or opening the windows to bring out the contrasts better. Also, with a black or dark army, you really can't photograph it on a white backdrop cause the camera will auto-contrast and make your model look way too dark. I'd suggest photographing a dark army like this on a black, gray, or dark brown backdrop.
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Fallen DA's Avatar
06/30/2011 10:08
Thanks for the comments. This ones pretty much done mate. this is the Army I take to the local GW when I get the chance. I may add a couple more Scout Squads, or another Assault Squad at some point, but for now I'll be re-vamping my Pre-Heresy dark Angels. Got some big plans there.....
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Poomba's Avatar
06/30/2011 03:59
A good army on the grow mate. Id like to see more as u get it done
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Anarkitty's Avatar
03/19/2011 17:43
Very nice. I especially like the mud and dirt effects on your vehicles.
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