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Eldar Ulthwe.

They have not been collected with any particular army list in mind.
Just collected over the years.
Fortunately, along came Apocalypse...

Granted, my Ulthwe are a lot lighter than any other Ulthwe army you'll see, and when I first started painting them donkey's years ago they were very dark-cum-black.
But over time I became a lot happier with the lighter appearance to the point they are at today.
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sam17719's Avatar
09/10/2012 04:04
Really good job man, they look awesome!!
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Pssyche's Avatar
09/09/2012 11:45
Sorry Darkrider, I only just noticed your message.
"How much Gloss Varnish did that take?"

I shudder to think.
Working out that is when the Army's cost will really hit home...
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Darkrider's Avatar
08/02/2012 08:47

How much Gloss Varnish did that take?
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02/25/2012 02:07
Really done right!
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KBelleau's Avatar
02/17/2012 15:00
Awesome work! I really dig the superheavies.
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The Gunslinger's Avatar
10/10/2011 08:20
some awesome stuff, really nice paint job
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Samules's Avatar
09/19/2011 00:23
Very nice job!
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