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Chaos Warhorde (updated December 2013) Chaos Warhammer 40k -
» Chaos Warhorde (updated December 2013)
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Here follows an accounting of the various and malignant followers of Korgrim Wraithslayer throughout his years of destruction.

Photos to follow with precise inventory

Chaos lord(s)
Korgrim Wraithslayer - Daemon sword, combi-bolter, & artificer/terminator armor armor

Daemonic Lord - Terminator armor, massive combi-weapon, & massive power claw

daemonic_lord_01 by warped forge, on Flickr

Iron Warriors Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor w/ combi-melta

terminator_lord_done_front_2012-08-25 by warped forge, on Flickr

Iron Warriors Chaos Lord with jump pack, daemons sword, & power fist

Khorne Lord on juggernaut

Iron Warriors Warsmith - Combi-Melta, Power claw, servo-arm

warsmith_01 by warped forge, on Flickr

Iron Warriors Daemon Prince w/huge servo arm

IW_daemon_prince_done-top-angle by warped forge, on Flickr

Chaos Sorcerer(s)
Sorcerer of Nurgle
Sorcerer of Tzeentch

Greater Daemons
  • Bloodthirster
  • Lord of Change
  • Keeper of Secrets
  • Great Unclean One

4_powers by warped forge, on Flickr

Chaos Marines & Renegades
10 Chaos Terminators (Rogue Trader era)

10 Chaos Terminators (2nd Edition era)

20 or so assorted Chaos marine renegades (Rogue Trader era)

40-50 Chaos Space Marines and havocs

8+ Possessed - Various and converted

10 Raptors

5 Chaos Space Marine Bikers

20+ Berzerkers (various rogue trader and plastic)

14+ Plague Marines

9 Thousand Sons (converted)

6+ Noise Marines (rogue trader classics with guitars and mohawks)

Lesser Daemons

28 Blood letters

- 14 rogue trader

rogue_trader_bloodletters_done by warped forge, on Flickr

- 8 2nd ed era
- 8 4th edition era w/axes

- 10 Current plastics

bloodletters_finished_2012-03-24_1000x659 by warped forge, on Flickr

- the whole group!

Collected Bloodletters_2012-06-29 by warped forge, on Flickr

7 Nurgling bases

14 Plague Bearers - lost or missing, =(

6 Daemonettes

9 Flamers of Tzeentch

5 Discs of Tzeentch (from before Screamers existed)


2 Chaos Rhinos

Chaos Predator

Possessed Vindicator

vindicator_front by warped forge, on Flickr

Armorcast Cauldron of Blood (not sure what to use this as . . . possessed hellhound?)

cauldron_01 by warped forge, on Flickr

Armorcast Cannon of Khorne (used as a possessed vindicator)

cannon_of_khorne_done_front_2012-03-30 by warped forge, on Flickr

Forge Fiend - 2x Hades Autocannons, 1 Ectoplasm Cannon

Heldrake - Baleflamer

heldrake_side_2012_12_03 by warped forge, on Flickr


Nurgle Dread converted from a legions of steel model - PowerClaw & Autocannons

Khorne Dread - Epic Banelord titan - Dread Chainfist and cannon

Iron Warriors Dreadnought with power scourge and heavy bolters

Chaos Dreadnought - Rogue trade era w/ powerclaw and heavy bolters

Chaos Dreadnought - Rogue trade era w/ powerclaw and thunder hammer

Chaos Dreadnought - Rogue trade era w/ powerclaw and converted cannon (WIP)

Helbrute - w/ powerclaw and plasma cannon (WIP - much green stuff still needed)

Helbrute - w/ powerclaw and plasma cannon (WIP - stock, though possibly another weapon change)

3 Blood Slaughterers (Yes, 3.) (often also used as Khornate Obliterators)

3 Chaos Blood Slaughterers by warped forge, on Flickr


Unit of 2 Iron Warrior oblits (newly added pics! 5/29/2012)

oblits_01_front by warped forge, on Flickr

3 Dark Bronze Obliterators - using the ugly 3rd ed oblits as the armatures

More to come . . .
» Notes:
A few comments on this army listing . . .

As I inventory my miniatures, I'll try to rotate the attached pictures or link new ones.

Comments & critiques are welcome. Here is my only disclaimer: I have been playing and painting a long time - some of the units I post will clearly be older, painted to less experienced standard, and have not been stripped and repainted - usually either because of time constraints or nostalgia reasons.

You may notice that I don't use scenic bases. As a rule I tend to avoid them. While I believe they can make a model look more exciting off the gaming table, I like simple bases that meld with the most common gaming mats/colors. That way, when my army is on the table, the bases blend in with the table rather than look like a section of concrete, ash waste, or concrete that follows my warrior across the table. I want the models to look like they're standing on the terrain itself as much as possible.

» Images
  • Chaos Havocs assorted, Rogue Trader Era
  • Armorcast Cannon of Khorne (possessed vindicator)
  • Bloodletters Through the Ages: Rogue Trader to Present
  • Iron Warriors Obliterators
  • Iron Warriors Daemon Prince w/Servo-Arm
  • Possessed Vindicator
  • Heldrake
  • Iron Warriors Warsmith
  • Greater Daemons of Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, & Khorne
  • World Eaters, Rogue Trader Era
  • Cauldron of Blood - Good Ole' Amorcast
  • Chaos Renegades w/special weapons, Rogue Trader Era
  • 3 Blood Slaughterers, Khorne Daemon Engines (Rogue Trader era)
  • 2 Chaos Dreadnoughts, Rogue Trader Era
  • Sorcerer/Standard of Tzeentch - Photo Courtesy of
  • Chaos Sorcerer - Photo courtesy of
  • Chaos Standard - Photo courtesy of
  • Flamers of Tzeentch - 2nd generation
  • Korgrim WraithSlayer
  • Daemonic Chaos Lord
» Comments
neferhet's Avatar
06/14/2014 02:59
The old models look so wicked! The possessed vindicator is a blast!!! (large blast, lol)
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jaysen's Avatar
07/13/2011 01:57
Love the older models. They look so Ee Vill. Great army!
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Kreuger's Avatar
04/20/2011 09:44
@Shag, Jubble, & Mossy Toes - Thanks guys.

@Shag - Yeah flamers were awesome in fantasy battle (4th/5th) and 40k (3rd/4th). Nothing like summoning daemons who shoot like short range heavy bolters.

@Jubble - Thanks man, those photos are by a friend of mine at (

@ Mossy Toes - I can see it. When I first converted him early in 3rd edition, Obliterators didn't have models - and when they came out they were pretty bad. But I hadn't thought of using his as an obliterator 'champion' he'd work nicely and look the part of a unit leader.

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Mossy Toes's Avatar
04/16/2011 03:03
Love all the archive minis. I have to say that the "Daemonic Chaos Lord" looks a sight more like a kitbashed Obliterator, though!
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Jubble's Avatar
04/02/2011 18:35
Lovely old minis. Like the photos on the black particularly.
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Shag's Avatar
04/01/2011 13:53
Dude I love those old flamers of Tzeentch. Oh and nice harlequin. He's like "look at this!!! Look at what I have done!!"
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Kreuger's Avatar
03/22/2011 20:40
Yeah, this is most of my Rogue Trader stuff, but I have more from various editions. =)
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Minizke1's Avatar
03/18/2011 22:27
I love the old models, got any more of 'em?
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