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1. Me an Da Boyz'
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Me an Da Boyz' Orks Warhammer 40k 1000
» Me an Da Boyz'
Big Mek; KFF


15 gretchins
+ Runtherd

30x boyz (Big Mek here behind Kans)
Nob; PK; BP
shootas; 3x big shootas

30x boyz
Nob; PK; BP


8x Lootas

Fast Attack:

3x Deff Koptas
3x Rokkit Launchas

Heavy Support:

3x Killa Kans
3x Rokkit Launcha

So aside from the unit of shootas nestled behind the kans with the Big Mek. This set up allows for some tactical options in how to use the mob of sluggaz. One way would be to run them up the table stretched out so that ordinance blast don't destroy all of them and allow the kans and shootaz to get further. Another way would be to use them up the side or running after an objective etc.

W-0 L-1 D-0
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I started collecting this army this after having the contents of the Black Reach boxset handy. I first collected up 2 units of 30 sluggaz. Then I got hooked on painting large units and quickly gathered up two more units of 30x shoota the saying goes, the rest is history. Below is a link to my painting log charting the collection, growth, techniques and pictures of this army.
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