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Kreuger's Scavvies Scavvy Necromunda -
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Gang rating: 1087 (Base cost: 759 + Experience: 328 = 1087)
Stash: Bionic arm
Credits: 393

Territory: Fungus Grotto

My gang operated in pairs.

Boss: Magillacruddy - Shotgun (manstoppers), Autopistol, & sword
Ick - autogun

Scud the scaly - Scatter cannon, discus (model has a broken down speargun, before the scatter cannon model was out)
Bort II - Autogun, infiltrate & evade

Quasi - Shotgun (manstopper)
Modo - Shotgun (manstopper)

Dirty - Autopistol & pick, disarm & feint
Scrubby - Autopistol & knife

Scuz - 2 autopistols, two heads & evade
Boog - Autopistol, knife

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Newer guys not officially part of the gang

2nd Scaly w/scatter cannon

2 Mutants - 1 with horns and 1 with extra limbs
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Ah, so my Scavvy gang!

Somehow when Outlanders came out nobody was interested in the Scavvies, so being the closest thing to Chaos in Necromunda, I picked them up.

Now outlanders are supposed to be sad hunted creatures, but somehow my scavvies never had it like that. Ironically, they never (or almost never) lost. And they were the wealthiest gang at my flgs.

The combination of winning a lot, inexpensive gangers, cannibalism, ransoms, and looting caputed territories - meant that I was somehow the most feared gang around . . . all while being the most loose and slovenly gang around.
» History/Fluff
My scavvy gang was painted 'quick & dirty', and isn't really representative of my skills now, or at the time. I refuse to play with unpainted models, and was getting into Necromunda with as little time investment as possible. And an ugly, rough, and dirty paint scheme seemed appropriate! However, under the scrutiny of photographing these guys, I think I may go back and tighten them up.

The mutants represent my 'quick & dirty' painting now.

» Images
  • Magillacruddy's Marauders, Necromunda Scavvy Gang
  • Scavvy Boss Magillacruddy & Ick
  • Scud the Scaly & Bort (the second)
  • Quasi and Modo, the hunchback shotgun team
  • Scavvies Dirty and Scrubby
  • Scavvies Scuz and Boog
  • Newer scaly with scatter cannon.
  • Scavvy Mutants, painted much more recently
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06/30/2011 15:51
How do you mean "most chalet"? As in most ornate/complicated?

It has been a looong time since I played Necromunda. I last played, on or around when it was still for sale. That said, my Scavvies ruled our shop's league. There are a few reasons: gang score - Scavvies are almost always lower and benefited form the XP, if I captured territory I could always loot and destroy it keeping my garbage outlander's territory (might have been a loop hole), and if I captured an enemy ganger I could ransom or eat him, or I could always eat a scavvy instead of paying my gang's upkeep. And the cost for new guys was consistently low so I had no problem affording a good gang, and a Scavvy isn't much worse than a regular ganger, just lower BS - they're just as good in hand to hand.

It was a charmed life. =)
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
06/01/2011 12:25
Me again. I looked at scavvies but decided to see if I can play test them so I'd like to know how they fair against the gangs especially compared to van Saar
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
05/26/2011 16:25
I think your the same as me in the way you pick up the most chalet army in each miniature series. Good one you
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