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Angels of Fire Blood Angels Warhammer 40k 2000
» Angels of Fire
The ongoing PLOG for the Angels of Fire can be found here.

Current work in progress: Tactical Squad

Next up: Assault Squad with Sanguinary Priest
» Army Details
The Angels of Fire are a successor chapter to the Blood Angels Space Marines. Founded during the 34th Millenium, their proud tradition of swift and decisive boarding action and planetary assaults is the stuff of legend on the Eastern rim of the Galaxy.

Divided into ten companies, the Angels of Fire follow the general structure of their parent chapter, the Blood Angels, though two battle companies have been substituted in favour of additional assault companies. However this structure is much more fluid than normally found in other Chapters.

Based on the Lava Deathworld of Magmium, the largest volcano on the planet houses the Fortress Monastery of the Angels of Fire. Within its hollowed out walls live the main body of the Angels when not engaged with the enemies of Mankind throughout the Galaxy. When a distress call is heard from within striking distance, any Angels in the fortress Infernus Mons can be called to action, despite the Marines' organic company assignments.

This means that at many times, Company Captains find themselves leading squads from other Companies, as available Angels are assigned based upon predetermined mission criteria.

Dalmian Crusades
With the resurgence of Archenemy activity throughout the Dalmian Cluster, the following force organization has been dispatched to deal with the Chaos insurgency.


Astorath the Grim
-- 220 pts

Honour Guard
- Blood Champion with Powerfist
- Sanguinary Novitiate
- Honour Guard with meltagun and Storm Shield
- Honour Guard with Storm Shield
- Honour Guard with Storm Shield
-- 280 pts


Sanguinary Priest x2
- Jump packs x2
-- 150 pts


Assault Squad x10
- Sergeant with Powerfist
- Meltagun x2
-- 235 pts

Assault Squad x10
- Sergeant with Powerfist
- Meltagun x2
-- 235 pts

Assault Squad x10
- Sergeant with Powerfist
- Meltagun x2
-- 235 pts

Fast Attack

Baal Predator
- TL Assault Cannon
- Heavy Bolter Sponsons
-- 145 pts

Baal Predator
- Flamestorm Cannon
-- 115 pts

Baal Predator
- Flamestorm Cannon
-- 115 pts

Heavy Support

- Lascannon Sponsons
-- 135 pts

- Lascannon Sponsons
-- 135 pts
» History/Fluff
The Elite First Company of the Angels of Fire is composed of not only the Veteran Squads of the Vanguard, Sternguard, and Infernus Guard, but the tactical devastator-clad Terminators as well. Additionally, all members of personal Honour Guard are drawn from the veteran squads of the First Company.

Infernus Guard

Librarian Corsico with Chaplain Valdius and Honour Guard

» Modelling and Conversion Information
The Eighth Assault Company composes of 10 assault squads and a single Furioso Dreadnought.

Squad Charron

» Techmarine Hervitas
Techmarine Hervitas is the senior Techmarine in the Angels of Fire. He is entrusted with the care, maintenance, and consecration of the Angels' mechanized fleet.

Burning Fury
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LukeValantine's Avatar
10/04/2011 21:35
Looking good so far, however the bases take away a bit from the professionalism shown on the rest of the models. Have you thought of using pre-made volcanic bases? They aren't overly expensive and save a lot of time.
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jaysen's Avatar
08/15/2011 23:20
Judging from the armie's icon photo, this looks like an awesome group of models. Can you please post some of the pics as attachments, so I can see them on my gov computer?
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Mossy Toes's Avatar
05/15/2011 22:05
Last two images are broken, on my screen. Jus' sayin'.
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04/04/2011 13:44
Very nice the steel works well with the red, and those bases are sick, i might try to do some more with the wings they seem plain compared to the rest
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