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Seraphim of Salvation Space marines Warhammer 40k 4768
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I have 5th edition SM, BA, and SW codices. I do use the models to play army lists from all codices depending on my mood. I'm currently write a fandex for this army that'll I'll post here.

I'm intending to get a few more models for this force and it's no where near done.
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Fully built and Painted:

10x ASM
5x Sternguard
38x Tact Marines
5x Dev Marines.
8x Termies
7x CC Termies
3x Dreads
2x Land Speeders
2x Rhinos
1x Whirlwind
1x Land Raider
1x Pred
1x Vindicator
1x AOBR Capitan
1x Sanguniar

Built but unpainted:

Calgar with Honor Guard
1x Liberian
1x Chaplin
1x Command Squad.
5x Scouts with Sniper Rifles.

Various stages of building or painting:
3x Ravenwing Bikers (bikes built and painted. Riders are not)
5x AOBR Termies (have arms for both CC and Range termies)
2x AOBR Captains
2x AOBR Marines
1x Captain (Boxed)
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jaysen's Avatar
10/26/2011 00:52
You can make some good army lists from those choices. Got any pictures?
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
06/24/2011 15:24
Mix of BA and DA here bit I'd love to see images
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quaz4's Avatar
02/20/2011 00:34
nice army list, those three dreadnoughts will do some damage
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