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Splinter fleet Praetorian Tyranids Warhammer 40k 2500
» Splinter fleet Praetorian
Praetorian is a Splinter fleet of the mighty Leviathan. A lone hive ship was able to escape a small scale engagement with the Imperial Navy, this ship bided its time seeking out worlds that were high in biomass but low in advanced and war like life forms, choosing instead to consume feral and death worlds until its rescources were once again replete.

The earliest attack of Praetorian on record was the massacre of the agri-world Phraton's Harvest. The attack began with the sowing of lictors in nearby worlds, which made thier way to the planet by means of automated cargo haulers. The Lictors slowly began to learn about the world, and the lifeforms that inhabited it. Due to the small size of Praetorian, the lictor beasts operated for far longer than any previously recorded encounter.

Ranging out to every human settlement, they stalked the planet for months. Slowly at first reports of missing personel began to appear on the news casts. Military stragists, engineers and logisitcal supervisors began to disappear, sowing confusion and fear among the population. All the while the lictors lurked in the shadows and learned, their feeder tendrils extracting secrets from thier victims, and thier pheromone trail leaving this information for the hive beasts that would follow.

When Preatorian attcked Phraton's Harvest, the defenders had little time to mount a resistance. The sheer speed and efficiency at which the Tyranids overun key strategic locations and supply lines appeared to the terror stricken populace, as a dread intelligence that bordered on precognition. The tyranids utterley destroyed all resistance within 31 hours, and within a fortnight the entire planet was drained of biomass, feeding the lone deadly Hive ship and providing the raw materials to create more of its kin.

The last known records of Preatorian were from the Eustrium sub-sector, which has since gone dark, thier long range scanners had picked up a xenos signiture made up of dozens of ships.
» Army Details
This is my main 40k army which I have collected for years. Its based more on the fluff than being competitive with waves of guants and carnifexes (I know they get a lot of hate but they are still great looking models.)
» History/Fluff
The centrepiece of the army is the flying hive tyrant from forge world, only having one set of arms available on the model I usually use it as standard but will always check with my opponent

The current models in the army are.

- Hive tyrant with heavy vennon cannon and scything talons and a tyrant guard.

- Hive tyrant with wings and Talons.

- 2 Zoanthropes in a spore

- 2 hive Guard

- 1 lictor

- 10 Genestealers with the space hulk broodlord

- 20 termagants

- 20 hormaguants

- 8 wariors with talons and deathspitters (built for previous editions)

- 10 Gargoyles

- Carnifex with 2 sets of scything talons

- Carnifex with twin linked deathspitters and talons ( converted model as fexes with guns akimbo look naff)

- Trygon

- Biovore

» Modelling and Conversion Information
I decided to get a few of the new finecast models to expand the hive guard brood.

And here he is with one of the metal ones.

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Warlord_Winters's Avatar
05/25/2012 07:14
this would be a nice army to get beat by lol, it's a loss...but a very nice looking loss
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jaysen's Avatar
10/26/2011 01:14
Great list. Do you have a gallery here on Heresy Online? I can't see the linked pics.
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cpt.Octavian's Avatar
08/23/2011 11:34
amazing paint job, very nice army
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tau112's Avatar
05/14/2011 14:56
WOW all I can say is WOW!
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Bane_of_Kings's Avatar
05/11/2011 12:08
Awesome work. The Winged Hive Tyrant is pretty cool.
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Doelago's Avatar
05/08/2011 16:54
Pretty amazing stuff you have there.
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kiro the avenger!'s Avatar
05/08/2011 15:26
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darkbubba's Avatar
05/07/2011 15:12
Wow! Being an Ultramarine guy I am no fan of Tyrannids but this army is simply terrific. You have done such great work here! Simply outstanding.
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Fallen DA's Avatar
05/06/2011 17:15
Thats a great looking Army....
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LukeValantine's Avatar
05/05/2011 10:59
Well done (Over mind)->: I control the way you groov.
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Kaiden's Avatar
02/22/2011 11:43
Cheers guys, I'm gonna have a game of kill team later. I'll take some pics so you can see them in action.
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Kreuger's Avatar
02/20/2011 10:08
I really like these guys. The color scheme really works! And the fleshy tans and pinks look great. Despite having a fairly simple scheme with a limited palette you have tons of variation, blending, and texture within each color area and that looks spectacular.

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mixykym's Avatar
02/19/2011 04:16
thats an amazing set pics :-)
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