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Vondel's Company High Elves Warhammer 1000
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Typical Deployment:


Henstion and his Sea Guard stand against the strong flank of the enemy, holding fast beneath his Banner of Discipline. Mage Apprentice Llessandar aids Henstion with his knowledge and the use of his family's Silver Wand. The Eagle Claw uses its position hidden behind Talvidar's men to provide cover to Henstion's flank from the center of the enemy's forces.

Talvidar and his Sea Guard form up and provide enfilading fire into the weak flank of the enemy, or adding their fire to the Eagle Claw's upon the center. Once Vondel and Bistano have closed with the weak flank of the enemy, Talvidar wheels to protect the Dragon Princes' exposed flank.

Vondel and Bistano, after deployment, move to the weak flank at the march, seeking cover under the sustained fire of Talvidar's Sea Guard. Once contact with the enemy is made, Talvidar forms up on the right of Vondel and Bistano as thy seek to eviscerate the rear of the enemy or flank any forces engaged with Talvidar or Henstion.
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Vondel, High Elf Noble w/Barded Elven Steed, Helm of Fortune, Biting Blade, Hvy Armor, Hand Weapon

Llessandar, Lvl 1 Mage, w/Silver Wand

Sea Master Henstion w/15 Sea Guard, Musician and Standard Bearer with the Banner of Discipline

Sea Master Talvidar w/15 Sea Guard, and Standard Bearer

Drakemaster Bistano w/5 Dragon Princes, w/Ring of Ruin, and Standard Bearer with the Banner of Ellyrion; Right Hand Man of Captain Vondel

One Repeater Bolt Thrower
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