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Deathwatch Strike Force Crucible Astartes Warhammer 40k 1500
» Deathwatch Strike Force Crucible
First of all the original four used in the deathwatch rpg from left to right : -

Daxos of the Black guard

Calibos of the Dark Angels

Morgan of the storm Wardens

Watch librarian Auron


» Army Details
1000 points of Deathwatch

Originally started as a kill team to use in the deathwatch rpg, quickly expanded into my favourite 40k army. The unique composition of the deathwatch means I can swap codecies at a moments notice and get to paint ( at least a little ) of all my favourites.

I am currently using the space wolf codex for the small customizable kill teams and kick ass long fangs until i have enough marines painted to go full tactical squads.

Army lists so far :- <-- 500 points
» History/Fluff
This is my first kill team (currently grey hunters with wolf guard)


from left to right: -

Kryx of the Iron Snakes

Decimus of the Sable Swords

Roth of the Dark Hunters

Calibos of the Dark Angels

Nhilus of the Imperial Fists

Theron of Aurora Chapter


» Modelling and Conversion Information
This is the second of my Kill teams.


From left to right: -

Lothar of the Space Wolves

Zarakai of the Imperial Blades

Sieghart of the Stone templars (Trubute to John from BOW)

Ordan of the Red Scorpions

Tanthius of the Blood Ravens

Maxillius of the Ultramarines


» Assualt team Tempest


From left to right: -

Corvus of the Raven Guard

Daxos of the Black Guard

Mykalus of the Doom Eagles (transfer heraldry, I think it looks better)

Kadius of the Black Consuls

Zalus of the Revilers
» Champion Zarakai Last of the Imperial Blades.
Jun Zarakai served with the Imperial blades for 410 years, wearing the white and gold heraldry proudly during some of the chapters most famous campaigns.

Though relatively young for the position, Zarakai joined the ranks of the venerated 1st company at the age of 132, his worth proved beyond question by his actions aboard the damned cruiser iron vengeance. Two full Tactical squads of Imperial Blades 4th company along with auxiliaries from the Modian 103rd boarded the ancient warship, drawn by an imperial distress beacon. Too late were the psychic echos of the arch enemy discovered. After several long and bloody days a single shuttle left the doomed cruiser bearing young Zarakai alone, the gene seeds of his fallen brothers as his burden, the head of the traitor leader as his trophy.

Since that day, Zarakai has led squads in all areas of the chapter until he received the honour of commanding the Bladesworn Terminator squad. Together they were all but unstoppable, an instrument of shock and death so honed they could end wars with a single drop.

After centuries of exemplary service Zarakai donned the Blades most prized suit of Artificer Armour and the relic great sword Justice and took the mantle of the Chapter Champion.

The Imperial Blades were all but wiped out in defense of their home world of Caspain, each brother laying down their lives in an effort to halt the advance of Hive fleet Leviathan. Whether by the hand of the emperor of the whimsical fortunes of fate only Zarakai survived, buried deep within the ice fields surrounding the polar fortress.

Several days later, fate played its hand again as Inquisitor Mormont broke through the shole of orbiting bioships and unleashed an experimental bio weapon upon the feasting Tyranids. Broken and alone, yet miraculously alive Zarakai was rescued from the ice. The feelings of rage and loss being denied an honourable death alongside his chapter were all consuming, he dedicated the rest of his life to hunting the tyranids. As soon as his body was healed, he traveled to watch fortress Erioch and stood before the watch commander.

After undergoing the long trails of Erioch, Zarakai was granted the long watch. Zarakai is now the last remaining member of the Imperial Blades Chapter of Astartes, bound to the deathwatch unto death.
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Moriouce's Avatar
06/02/2015 10:04
Very nice! Keep it up!
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Iraqiel's Avatar
06/30/2013 22:50
Fantastic to see a full deathwatch list, good on you for making the effort! Also very impressed by your extreme highlights, you've made a very clean job of a black armoured army!
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 07:33
Cool! Do you get many deathwatch games in your area?
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Fallen DA's Avatar
07/30/2011 22:32
Great looking Army
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Asamodai's Avatar
07/17/2011 16:41
Cool units. Nice paint jobs and I like that you used slot of the lesser chapters for squad members.
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/15/2011 23:32
its ligit i love it
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Poomba's Avatar
06/30/2011 04:03
Very clean mate. I have a soft spot for Deathwatch Ur terrain in the background is of great quality too - u must have a
great set up @ home
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Kaiden's Avatar
06/26/2011 04:12
Yeah im sure Tanithius was killed defending something or other, but he was my favourite name for a blood raven. To good to pass up
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Nicholas Hadrian's Avatar
06/14/2011 21:33
God damn it, why did ya have to make such a cool army? -.-
<---now is jealous.
But a few things you might not have realized, GW DID release a fluff errata for a Deathwatch Killteam to be used as a HQ unit, I got a copy if you wanna read it, and speaking as a Blood Ravens expert... you DO know Tanthius is long dead right? He was a Dreadnought by the time of the Tartarus campaign (or was they Trythos? Damned similar names... -.-)
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LukeValantine's Avatar
06/08/2011 17:18
Very well done, like the crisp edging on the rhino...reminds me of my own rhino's
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